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What are you searching for? Are you looking for Christian resources? If so, that's what this site is all about. We provide helpful information, product and service reviews, and links for the most commonly searched for Christian resources on the web.

We are your guide. We have interviewed, tested, checked references, contacted independent experts, and asked the opinions of visitors just like you.

The net result is a site in which you can place your confidence.

Depending on the resource in question, we have thoroughly investigated the product or service. We've tested the church software. We've enlisted experts on debt solutions. We've found the best church web site design services. We have articles written by the people who know. We offer reviews and recommendations about church media, outreach, fundraising, and furniture. We've even investigated charities so that you know what each one does and how well they do it.

As a former pastor, I am aware that a site like this is needed. There are a lot of directories out there, and the search engines will bring back thousands of results when you type in a search term. But there are very few sites dedicated to not only providing links, but also providing helpful information about various products and services.

That's what makes this site unique. We don't just give you links to hundreds of sites. We sort through all the possibilities and find the best. We then give you the information you need to make good decisions before you invest your money... or before you choose a free product or service.

If there is a product or service you are interested in that we haven't yet researched, please contact us and we will make it a priority to dig into the various options.

Our site is a work in progress. We are always adding information about new subjects, products, and services. You can keep up to date by watching this page.

So let's get started...

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What resources are you looking for?

Christian Directory
Over 27,000 Christian services, products and websites.

Why is Christian rehab so important?
Why is Christian rehab so important? Why can't you just use any rehab center?
Christian Debt Solutions
Are you looking for Christian debt solutions? Here are some ideas.
Christian Health Insurance
Christian health insurance is available as an insurance alternative through organizations such as Medishare, Samaritan Ministries, and Christian Healthcare Ministries.
Church Web Site Design
What should you look for when searching for church web site design help?
Church Bulletin Ideas
Let me share some church bulletin ideas from an expert.
Home School Resources
There are a lot of online home school resources available today. Here are some of our favorites.
Christian Poems
Christian poems are perfect for church bulletins or greeting cards - or for personal encouragement.
Online Christian Devotionals
There are a number of sites that offer online Christian devotionals. You can choose the one that fits you best.
Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us. Here is our privacy policy.
Contact Me
Contact me... I enjoy hearing from my visitors.
Christian Resources Blog:What's New?
The Christian resources blog gives you an introduction to all the newest and updated pages on the site.
Christian Home Businesses
Christian home businesses are available. But how do you know which one to choose?
Church Fundraising Ideas
What church fundraising ideas are best for your congregation or youth group fundraiser?
Christian Adoption
Whether Christian adoption seems to be your only hope of having children or an intentional choice, it can bring huge blessings into your life.
Online Christian Colleges
Quality online Christian colleges are multiplying quickly. What options are available?
Church Computer Software
There are church computer software programs for nearly every need and every size church. Let me help you find the best options.
Christian Checks
Take a look at the variety of Christian checks offered online.
The Debt Free Christian
Becoming a debt free Christian may be as simple as applying ten basic principles.
Christian Coffee Mugs
There are Christian coffee mugs for every person and occasion.
Christian Lapel Pins
There are Christian lapel pins for almost every occassion.

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