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Christian Home Based Business Opportunity

Do you enjoy making jewelry or creating crafts? This Christian home based business opportunity might be for you.

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The Debt Free Christian

Becoming a debt free Christian may be as simple as applying ten basic principles.

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Christian Debt Reduction

Christian debt reduction takes a plan. One of the best I know of is a program called, Mvelopes.

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Christian Lapel Pins

There are Christian lapel pins for almost every occassion.

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Home School Programs

There are several home school programs or approaches to home schooling. Which one is right for your family?

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Christian Debt Consolidation Services

There are a number of Christian debt consolidation services. These services can significantly help with Christian debt reduction.

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Christian Debt Solutions

Are you looking for Christian debt solutions? Here are some ideas.

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Free Home School Curriculum

Do not use new material when there is free home school curriculum available.

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ACS Church Software

ACS church software offers innovative options for all your church computer software needs.

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Home School Resources

There are a lot of online home school resources available today. Here are some of our favorites.

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Free Church Websites

Looking for free church websites? Well, there is good news and bad news.

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Unique Fundraising Ideas

There are the familiar church fundraisers, and then there are some very unique fundraising ideas. One of these might be perfect for your group.

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Youth Group Fundraiser

Put on a youth group fundraiser to earn money for a mission's trip or to sponsor kids for camp.

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Church Computer Software

There are church computer software programs for nearly every need and every size church. Let me help you find the best options.

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Amp Fusion

One of my favorite church management programs is produced by Elexio. Elexio has become known for its integrated church management solutions. Solutions

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