Free Home School Curriculum

Why would you pay money where there is free home school curriculum?

Let me say up front, free is a little hard to find. But resources are out there. You just have to look harder. Be aware that free isn't always free. Some sites require that you register and pay a fee to get their resources. Others find different ways to charge fees.

Where can you find free home school material? Here are some suggestions.

  • Your library. Find lists of recommended books and then check them out at the library rather than buying them. If your library doesn't have what you need, they probably can get it from another library in your state. Ask the library staff for information.
  • Home school co-ops. Unless you live in an extremely remote location, there are home school groups nearby. Ask at your church. Ask people at the library. Check the internet. Talk to other home school families. Once you get involved in a group, trade resources or ask if anyone has any old material they want to get rid of.
  • Take advantage of online resources. There's a wide variety of free resources available on the web. You can print worksheets, find math help, print coloring pages, create word search puzzles, learn about hands-on activities, find music instruction, and much more. Look below for a list of suggested web sites that discuss free home school curriculum.
  • Family members. Sometimes grandparents are so excited about home schooling that they want to help buy some material.
  • Your local public school. Every so often, schools get new books and materials. What are they doing with the old resources? Would they share some of it with you?
  • Your church. Don't forget about your church library. They may either already have resources or they might be willing to purchase some. They probably have good biographies, dvd's, bible study materials, and more.
  • Don't forget to look around your own house. You might already have more than you know! You could create science projects out of materials in your pantry. You can use your bible for reading and teaching. Your back yard might be full of insects, different types of trees, a garden, and birds. All of these can be incorporated into your curriculum.

Online Free Home School Material

Below is a list of some web sites that offer free home school curriculum. Please let me know if there is a web site or organization that should be on the list.

Please note that just because it is on the list doesn't mean that I endorse the web site or organization.

You can also do a Google search with the keyword, free home school curriculum.

Free Home School Curriculum Conclusion

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