Christian Home School Curriculum

Which Christian home school curriculum will work best for your family? What’s available? How do others rate the various curriculums?

This page contains the following:

  1. Critical considerations for choosing a curriculum
  2. A form so that you can write reviews of your favorite Christian home school curriculum
  3. Links to reviews of home school material

Or, if you prefer, go directly to an extensive listing of over
160 home school curriculum publishers

Critical Considerations

What do you need to consider as you choose home school material? Here are some thoughts from other home schoolers.

  • Keep it simple. You don't need to have everything that is offered. Get the basics that you need to cover the subjects. Then, when you get familiar with the curriculum, add on what you think will be helpful – and get rid of what's not working.
  • Listen to your kids. Your kids may not like school – even home school. So their complaints may not always be helpful. But sometimes they can offer some valuable insight about the material you are using. If the Christian home school curriculum is just frustrating them, it may be time to look for something else.
  • Stay in your budget. There is so much material available. There is the curriculum itself. Then there are the dvd’s. Add to that the books (when many good books are available at your library). You can include all the hands-on activities. And there are always local field trips that cost money. If it's not in your budget, find alternatives. Free or cheap field trips. Use a guide that helps you use common household products for hands on activities. Check out books from your local library. Share materials with other home schoolers. And remember, you don't always have to have new material – check into free home school curriculum.
  • Manage your time. A particular curriculum may be the best in the world. But if it requires too much preparation time, you won't stick with it. Save time and money – choose home school material that fits your time constraints.
  • Recycle and reuse. Don't let yourself think that each child needs new material when they move to a higher grade. If you used a particular home school curriculum for an older child, reuse it for your kids that follow.
  • Don't be afraid to switch mid-stream. If it isn't working, cut your losses and get a different Christian home school curriculum. Resell what you can (do a Google search on the keyword, used Christian home school curriculum. There are several sites that facilitate the sale of used material). Then start something else. The frustration you save will be worth the extra expense.
  • Don't buy curriculum without checking out what other homeschoolers say about it. Click the links under the form below to read reviews that others have submitted. Ask questions on Facebook. Search Google for more reviews. Ask people in your local home school group. Don't buy until you are sure that others have used it successfully.
  • Don't go it alone. There are many online resources as well as local home school groups that can provide valuable support. You will need encouragement. You will need ideas. You will want to partner for field trips. You will want to share material. Get involved with other homeschoolers.
  • Be careful with conferences. The booth displays at conferences are intended to sell you their Christian home school curriculum. They will try hard to do just that. Have a plan before you go. Read reviews prior to the conference. Create a list of things you need and stick to your list.
  • Don't assume you know the home school laws for your state. Find out what you are required to do – what classes do you need to provide? What kind of records do you need to keep? How will you prove that your child graduated? What happens if you are confronted by the local public school district? I strongly suggest that you become a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association.
  • Focus on what's really most important. Are you just trying to raise educated kids? Or are you trying to raise educated children with strong character and spiritual depth?

Christian Home School Curriculum Conclusion

Click the links under the form below to read information and reviews of various Christian home school curriculum.

Or, if you prefer, go directly to an extensive listing of over 160 home school curriculum publishers.

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Information Other People Have Submitted

Click below to read about the various home school curriculums that have been submitted by publishers and others. Then, if you are familiar with the curriculum, add your comments at the bottom of the information page.

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Sonlight Not rated yet
Sonlight provides complete Christian Homeschool Curriculum. With literature-rich, Christ-centered programs, your family is guaranteed to love learning …

Teaching Textbooks Not rated yet
Founded by two Harvard educated brothers—Greg and Shawn Sabouri—Teaching Textbooks is designed to make learning math in a homeschool setting the best possible …

Saxon Curriculum Not rated yet
Saxon Publishers have consistently been one of homeschoolers' top choices when it comes to math curriculum. Their incremental approach to education has …

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Not rated yet
Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is designed for application in home, charter, contract, private, or alternative schools. We are your source for individualized …

Math in Focus Not rated yet
Based upon the Singapore method of teaching mathematics, Math in Focus features a problem-based approach that builds on a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract …

Landmark Christian Academy Not rated yet
Landmark Christian Academy provides a full-scale curriculum for students K-12 built upon fundamentalist Baptist principles. Their espousal of KJV-only …

Bob Jones University Press Not rated yet
Bob Jones University Press (BJU) is a conservative home school curriculum rooted in a decidedly biblical format. Standing for the "old-time religion," …

Back Home Industries Not rated yet
Back Home Industries is the organization which publishes Wanda Sanseri's spelling, phonics, and writing home school curriculum. We officially registered …

Apologia Science Not rated yet
Apologia Science home school curriculum provides materials that help students defend their faith. What does, "Apologia" mean? It appears eight times …

Answers in Genesis Not rated yet
Based on the belief that God created the universe in six literal days, Answers in Genesis seeks to equip Christians to defend divine creation. The roots …

Alpha Omega Publications Not rated yet
Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) or Alpha Omega home school has been providing home school curriculum solutions since 1977. They offer curriculum for pre-kindergarten …

ACE - Accelerated Christian Education Not rated yet
For more than 40 years, ACE home school curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education) has been providing educational solutions for Christian schools. More …

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