Landmark Christian Academy

Landmark Christian Academy provides a full-scale curriculum for students K-12 built upon fundamentalist Baptist principles. Their espousal of KJV-only permeates their curriculum, while fundamentalist ideals are held up in supplemental readings as well as course texts.

The LFBC Math program is a solid one, beginning with the knowledge that God created everything, and, because of this, order has resulted. It teaches that students can expect exactness, preciseness, and completeness in arithmetic/mathematics, just as they can expect it in God's creation. We start with the basic facts. Strong emphasis is given to learning the multiplication tables early. Later we proceed to the more complicated and abstract concepts in the upper grades.

LFBC English is a back-to-basics program with a heavy emphasis on learning the parts of speech, diagramming, research papers, essays, and composition. The student's literacy skills are an absolute must in the LFBC program.

This high school literature course has everything you need to conduct a full year study of Character Building Favorites. The included student Study guide is conveniently divided into thirty-six chapters to be studied in thirty-six weeks. These chapters are further divided into four lessons, with one quiz to be given at the end of each week. Each chapter includes four exercises structured around vocabulary and comprehension as well as a Bible memory verse taken from the King James Version.

Give your students a basic understanding of the origin of man with this biblically based 2-semester curriculum. Covers creation theories, the flood, natural selection, and more. (All Scripture is taken from the KJV Bible.) Kit includes two spiralbound softcover pupil study guides, approx. 150 pages each; 33 weekly quizzes; 4 quarterly tests; and answer keys. From Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum.

Recognizing that the universe was planning and ordered by God, Landmark Christian Academy's world history program is designed to help students better understand ourselves and fellow man in relation to our culture and the cultures of the world, while increasing knowledge of God. Creation through World War II is covered from a biblical perspective.
A short lesson is given on a particular topic on world history and is followed by four days of fill-in-the-blank, short answer, essay, and scripture questions. The fifth day is set aside for the weekly quiz. Study guide answers, weekly quizzes and quiz answers are included in loose-leaf format.

See more of Landmark Christian Academy's home school curriculum here.

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