Church Computer Software

Church computer software programs are available for nearly every need and for every size congregation.

But when you start looking, the choices can seem overwhelming. Continue reading and I'll try to sort out the options for you.

Software for churches comes in a variety of categories. There are the specialized programs that focus on one or two functions. Then there are programs that provide a broader variety of functions. From there you'll find a few church computer software programs that offer nearly everything you need in one neat package. This all-in-one type of program includes what I consider to be the Cadillac of church computer software, ACS church software.

Specialized Church Software

There are basically three types of software that fall into the specialized church software category: church directory software, church financial software, and church presentation software.

The church directory software can be as simple as one that creates a directory of names and contact information. Or it might be one that offers interactive features so that people can be contacted by email. In either case, pictures can usually be added for greater usability.

Specialized church financial software is dedicated to one thing: providing a tool that can track and report receipts and expenditures. Most offer easy input and a range of reports that can be printed out.

church presentation software includes two main players: PowerPoint and the free presentation tool from OpenOffice.

General Church Software

There are several church software programs which offer multiple options – they aren't limited to just one feature. We will call these programs church office software.

These tools do more than simply provide a church directory. They also offer ways to track attendance, divide the congregation into groups (such as choir members, Sunday school teachers, etc.), and a number of other things. You can then email or create mailing labels for the entire congregation or just one of the groups.

Full-Featured Church Computer Software

There are several full-featured church software solutions. But the gold standard chosen by more than 50,000 churches and ministries is from ACS Technologies. Their ACS church software is the premier church program. There are packages for every size congregation. In fact, they offer many different modules that can be added for greater usability.

Other Church Software Programs

There are three other types of church software programs worth discussing. There is everyone's favorite, free church software, church attendance software, church presentation software and church growth software.


There is a software package that will work for you – no matter what your needs are. Follow the links above to read about the various options and see what is best for your church.

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