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Where do you start?

The list and descriptions below come directly from staff at the schools themselves. They told me what sets them apart from other Christian distance learning programs.

There is also a form below my list of schools. That's where people can submit their own information about their favorite online Christian colleges. Scroll down below the form to see distance learning schools submitted by visitors to this page.

The Best Online Christian Colleges

The list below describes what I consider to be some of the best online Christian education programs.

If you are wondering how they made the list, read this page about choosing between all the online Christian colleges.

Liberty University

I talked to Thomas Sabanos at Liberty University Online and found him very helpful. I asked him for several reasons why people should consider an online degree. He said the following:

  1. Cost. He stated that there are usually fewer extra fees that are associated with traditional on-campus programs.
  2. Flexibility. Thomas told me that some schools require students to login at certain times each week. But Liberty has no set times for logins. Each student does his work at times which are most convenient to them.
  3. Format. With Liberty Online, you can shorten the time it takes you to get your degree. According to Thomas, some have cut as much as a full year off the time it took them to get their degree.
  4. Accreditation. Liberty holds the highest levels of accreditation and provides the same degree for online students as they do for on-campus students.

Visit their web site for more information.

LeTourneau University

The first thing I noticed when I looked for information about LeTourneau's online Christian college program was that they offer a live chat option. One of the cool things about this feature is that you don't have to take notes. At the end of the chat you are asked if you want a copy of your chat sent to your email.

I spoke to Danielle Munday, an Enrollment Specialist at LeTourneau. She told me that when looking for Christian distance education alternatives they are often motivated by convenience, flexibility, and one's own personal schedule. She said that their program is perfectly designed for a person who is working a full-time job. The one negative she pointed out (which applies to most schools) is that each school offers a limited number of online programs. There are more degree programs to choose from for on-campus students.

However, for many students, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. In particular, Danielle pointed out that at LeTourneau, the online program is set up in a very unique way. Students don't register for multiple classes that last for a semester. For them, students take one class at a time. Each course lasts five weeks. Another advantage for LeTourneau is that each student is given the phone number and email address of their professors.

Visit their web site for complete information.

Malone University

Malone University is a decidedly-Christian university with a strong reputation for providing an excellent education.

The online program is self-directed – there are no specific login times for classes. However, each student has access to professors through email, phone, and sometimes Skype. Students can also interact with others in their "class" through private threaded conversations.

The Bachelor of Arts in Management program consists of courses that each last five weeks. It is a degree completion program that takes approximately 14 months to finish.

As a degree completion program, a student must have at least 40 credits before entering the program. However, Malone offers many online courses that can be taken to earn the 40 credits. In addition, they accept up to 88 transfer credits from other accredited schools. Students can also test out of classes and receive the credits. And a portfolio of life experience papers can contribute up to 28 credits toward the degree.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Visit this online college's web site for more information.

Ohio Christian University

One of the primary advantages of Ohio Christian's online Christian college program is that the school is small but growing. So they offer the best of both worlds. They have smaller class sizes and yet they are advancing in all the right areas.

There is no scheduled class time during the week – so students aren't tied to a particular time and day for their course work. Students are free to be as flexible as they want.

However, each student has the opportunity to contact their professors. And student interaction is offered through an online discussion board.

The degree programs are fully accredited and take up to 50 transfer credits from other institutions. At some point in the program, each student must complete 50 credits in addition to the core courses. Each student is grouped into a cohort of students who take one course at a time. Each course lasts five to seven weeks.

Financial aid is available.

Visit their website for more information.

Northwestern College

Northwestern offers a variety of online Christian college programs. The online courses are accredited the same as on-campus classes.

Most classes are taken in a traditional semester format. There is no specific day and/or time when a student must login to meet for a class. Interaction with other students and professors is made possible through email and online message boards.

Students can take as many courses at a time as they are able. Each class is self-paced. There are suggested time limits on course objectives, but the student is allowed to pursue the course at his or her own pace.

Financial aid is available.

Visit their website for more information.

Northwest Christian University

At Northwest, you can complete your entire degree online. With some exceptions, you don't have to login at a specific time for a class period - your time remains flexible. Classes take eight weeks to complete - half the time of a regular semester.

Their online programs are accredited just like their on-campus program. There are no differences between the degrees.

During each class, students have the opportunity to interact directly with professors. Students also have a dedicated academic adviser to help keep them on track.

Credits can be transferred from other accredited institutions. Students can also CLEP out of classes. They can also write papers based on life experience to gain course credits as well.

Financial aid is available.

Visit their web site for more information.

Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist offers several online degree programs. There are no set times to log in for classes - students maintain complete flexibility.

One important feature about DBU is that the online professors are the same as the on-campus professors. And students can communicate directly with the professors and other students through threaded discussions. There are even times when group projects are required.

The programs are set up on a traditional semester approach - each class taking about 16 weeks to complete. However, students are able to take multiple courses at a time - 12 credits being considered full time.

The online programs are accredited the same as on-campus. There are no differences in the degrees earned.

There are timed quizzes and exams. Each assignment is given a date and time to be completed.

Financial aid is available.

Visit their web site for more information.

Huntington University

Huntington offers complete bachelor's degrees online. You don't have to have any credits earned before you begin.

There are no set class days and times - just weekly work assigned to be done by a certain day and time.

This online Christian college is unique in that it is not just Christian in it's beliefs, it is also Christian in it's approach to education. As part of the core curriculum, each student takes classes on Christian subjects along with the more traditional required courses.

Each course lasts seven weeks and is taught by a professor who also teaches on-campus. The basic curriculum is the same as the on-campus curriculum, just adjusted for the seven week period. Students can interact with the professors in a variety of ways including email, phone, and sometimes, Skype.

The degree that is earned is completely accredited and the certificate doesn't say that the degree was earned online versus on-campus.

Interaction with other students is offered through an online message board system.

The program is accelerated in at least two ways. 1) Classes are grouped closer together than traditional classes. 2) Students can earn credit based on prior living experiences. To do this, students write on various subjects showing how their life experience has served to teach them what they would have learned in a particular class.

Financial aid is available.

Visit our web site for more information.

Online Christian Colleges Conclusion

These are only a few of the available online Christian college programs. However, let me caution you about choosing just any online Christian college. They are not all the same. Do your homework. Make sure the school is accredited. And make sure that your degree is the same as someone who takes classes on-campus.

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