Church Growth Software

Church growth software can be of great help when trying to move your church forwards both numerically and spiritually.

This type of church software will generally do some of the following:

  • Help you track attendance so you know when people are there and when they need to be called on.
  • Allow you to track spiritual gifts so that you know who would be a good fit for certain ministries.
  • Let you track giving and pledges since finances are extremely important to the growth of any church.
  • Help you communicate with your membership – especially through automated emails.
  • Has a directory or contact management system.
  • Allows you to track how people are involved in ministry and what groups they are a part of.

There are a number of more general church office software programs which can work as church growth software. Just approach them with church growth in mind.

The Purpose Driven Church

Your church may have already adopted, or may be in the process of adopting, the Saddleback, Rick Warren philosophy of ministry known as, The Purpose Driven Church. This software is specifically designed for those churches pursuing this particular methodology.

"This powerful purpose driven church management software not only can track membership, visitors, follow-up, attendance, ministries, events, donations, pledges, it has a S.H.A.P.E. Personal Profile to assist in picking volunteers."

In fact, this software for church growth is centered on what is called, SHAPE. This stands for: Spiritual Gifts, Heart Desires, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences.

"This software makes it easy to apply Purpose Driven principles. You will spend less time and energy in keeping track of members/visitors, attendance, ministries, events and finances. And besides being able to maintain efficient records, you will be able to track important data needed to maintain a healthy church through sound decisions."

In addition to SHAPE, this software offers a number of other things:

  • Automated visitor follow-up
  • Tracking of the physical, spiritual, and financial growth of the church
  • The Willow Creek Church Network Gift Mix
  • Attendance tracking and ministry involvement tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Donation and pledge recording

Read more about the Purpose Driven church growth software here.


As you can see, there are few programs that call themselves church growth software. That's not because other options don't exist. It's simply because most church software falls into the category of church management software – or church office software.

There are a number of more general church growth software programs. But these are not always called software for church growth. But you can just approach them with church growth in mind.

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