Teaching Textbooks

Founded by two Harvard educated brothers—Greg and Shawn Sabouri—Teaching Textbooks is designed to make learning math in a homeschool setting the best possible experience. Since it was designed specifically for homeschoolers, the text is self-explanatory for independent learners, and the hundreds of hours of CD-ROM teaching allow students to work through problems with a tutor in the comfort of their own homes! Plain language, friendly fonts, highlighted phrases, constant review and flexibility make Teaching Textbooks one of the most popular math programs available.

Early primary-grade math lays the framework for all later mathematical skills, and is also vitally important for everyday life. Ensure that your students understand adding and subtracting multiple numbers, writing fractions, carrying, multiplication, money, telling time, and more.

Teaching Textbooks’ Pre-Algebra Version 2.0 edition now includes automated grading! Students watch the lesson on the computer, work a problem in the consumable workbook, and type their answer into the computer; the computer will then grade the problem. If students choose to view the solution, they can see a step-by-step audiovisual solution.

In pre-calculus each chapter features a conversational lesson and features multiple illustrations before moving on to practice exercises and a problem set-both of which include questions based on problems found in the CLEP and SAT II math tests.

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