Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is designed for application in home, charter, contract, private, or alternative schools. We are your source for individualized courses that motivate under-performing and under-challenged high school students. We specialize in science courses that are not math-heavy, English courses that are highly engaging and comprehensive, and History and Geography courses that equip students for participation in free market economies. We also supply courses in math and reading enhancement. Every lesson builds character, confidence and competency. Each course arrives in individual chapters or a convenient box kit with instructions that allow students to complete the material as rapidly as desired or as slowly as needed to master content for transcript credit ... with minimum teacher oversight.

The mission of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) is to train educational entrepreneurs and parents to provide for students an accelerated learning system and principle-based core curriculum specifically designed to address the character, academics and emotional needs of students who have been under-served or have underperformed in conventional classrooms.

Paradigm Alternative Centers, Inc (dba Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum & System)(PACS) was founded by Ronald E. and Nancy S. Johnson in 1994 in an abandoned Mexican Restaurant with two bullet holes in the front window. PACS was among the first contract schools authorized by the Texas Legislature in 1993.The original focus was dropout prevention and recovery of fatherless teenagers. The mission expanded to serve students in homeschool, contract providers, and charter schools.

PAC entered a contract with the Dublin Independent School District to provide educational services to at-risk teenagers. The unique PACS concept of virtue-based, accelerated, individualized learning began to attract under-performing teenagers who recruited their peers. In 1996, PACS was recognized in USA Today newspaper among the nation’s 58 most effective programs for recovering at-risk teens.
Dr. Gene Hood of Indianapolis, Indiana learned about PACS and became a significant financial supporter, enabling Dr. Johnson to begin publishing textbooks specifically designed to recover teenagers, especially those who are father-challenged. Today, PACS is assisting educational reformers and entrepreneurs from Maine to California with curriculum, training and a Campus Operations Manual.

View the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum here.

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