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Veritas Press specializes in providing educational materials for a classical Christian education in Christian schools and home schools. We seek to provide the best home school and Christian school curriculum available. Whether it be bible study, history, or the great books studied in the Omnibus curriculum, we trust you will be blessed in extraordinary ways in your use of Veritas materials.

After reading Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Douglas Wilson we decided to start a Christian Classical School. Following the consideration of many history texts we were convinced that we wanted to teach history chronologically, integrating biblically recorded history with events not recorded in history. So we created a history card program that integrated the best books available on the topics discussed in the cards. Our commitment to providing Christian educators in the home and school setting with quality tools for a quality education led us to develop a full curriculum company. We put together a modest catalog ten years ago and have been pleasantly overwhelmed at its reception ever since. We continue now, more than ever, diligently creating new teaching materials and hunting out the best products of other companies to provide the most excellent overall Christian classical curriculum.

We routinely hear that the pace and content are exceptionally demanding. In fact, many have as their first reaction the question whether children are capable of doing or reading at the levels advised herein. Experience tells us several things. First, we must be careful not to set our standards by organizations we have left--the government schools. Neither keeping pace with them nor slightly exceeding them while spending less time doing so is an appropriate measure of our success. Second, we can learn much from history, specifically that children did study and learn at levels comparable with what we now expect of them. With history as a teacher, we see that our pace is not a new one but rather a recovery of an old one. Third, and maybe most important, when children are challenged and succeed, they love it. There is no greater joy to us than to get feedback from people like you that your students love learning so much that they don't want to "put the book down." We welcome your suggestions. We are here to serve you.

Look at their Christian home school curriculum here.

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