Sonlight provides complete Christian Homeschool Curriculum. With literature-rich, Christ-centered programs, your family is guaranteed to love learning together.

You can get everything you need, preschool to high school.

You receive complete lesson plans, books and materials. So you can teach your precious children with confidence.

Sonlight is extraordinary homeschool curriculum. It is a literature-rich, liberal arts, Christian worldview approach to home education.

Sonlight families read the very best classics (from Aesop's fables to Romeo and Juliet) and gripping modern books (like Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and the Story of the World series). These books introduce the people, places, events and ideas your children need to understand ... even the controversial ones. Curriculum centered on these books leads to meaningful discussions about issues like honesty, politics and faith.

With Sonlight you are equipped to be the central influence in your children's lives. Your flexible Instructor's Guides help you discuss what you read as you share gripping, worthwhile books with your children. The Bible, faith and a global perspective weave seamlessly throughout the homeschool curriculum. So you enjoy formative, natural conversations with your kids about God, faith, history and character. These discussions let you train your children in the way of Christ.

On top of that, the Instructor's Guides let you spend your time teaching and enjoying your children instead of researching and planning lessons.

Sonlight Curriculum is unique compared to most other homeschooling companies because we include so much high-quality literature in our homeschool curriculum. Where others choose to rely on textbooks and other educational media, we opt for great books and delightful stories that will capture children's imaginations and instruct them at the same time.

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