Bob Jones University Press

Bob Jones University Press (BJU) is a conservative home school curriculum rooted in a decidedly biblical format.

Standing for the "old-time religion," BJU Press (Bob Jones) has made a name for itself with their commitment to traditional Christian beliefs and strong academic standards. Engagingly comprehensive, newly updated, and always grounded in Scripture, BJU Press' (Bob Jones) homeschool curriculum has educated thousands of students who have gone on to later success. Their comprehensive teachers’ guides give mothers a helping hand with detailed lesson instructions and answer keys, while their student textbooks contain a wealth of colorful photographs, illustrations, graphs and content that fully integrates a biblical worldview with academic life.

BJU Press offers a full line Christian home school curriculum.

What makes a homeschool curriculum stand out in Christian education? A Christian worldview. Critical thinking. Hands-on learning. Everyone knows, even publishers, that an outstanding Christian homeschool curriculum is more than simply textbooks. It is your vision and direction and plain hard work. But it helps to have a partner with a truly Christian perspective. BJU Press has everything—from student textbooks to one-on-one Distance Learning—to be that partner.

BJU Press offers curriculum in bible, foreign language, english, literature, math, science, spelling, and more. They also offer a number of elective courses as well.

See the full line of BJU Press products here.

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