Unique Fundraising Ideas

You might want to think outside the box for unique fundraising ideas. The tried-and-true methods are often good enough, but you might want something a little different.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Flock hits. You know those pink flamingos? What would you think if you woke up in the morning to find 20 or 30 pink flamingos in your front yard? Have people take out "hits" on their family and friends. They pay you something like, $10 for a hit. Your group then goes to the victims house late at night and fills the yard with those pink flamingos. Then, ask your victim if they would like to put out a hit on someone else. Charge them your fee and collect your flamingos to put in the yard of someone else. As an alternative, you could buy 30 or more flamingos and put 10 in each yard. That way you could do multiple houses each night.
  • Pay for A's and B's. Have students in your church get sponsors who will pay one dollar or more for each A or B that the student gets on his or her report card.
  • Collect and sell cell phones. There are companies that will pay you for sending them used cell phones. The price they pay varies depending on what cell phone you have. Collect cell phones and then go to SellCell.com. Follow the instructions on the site.
  • An annual church yearbook. You usually think of schools when you hear the word, "yearbook." But why can't you do one for your church? This really can be a unique fundraising idea. Get pictures of all the events and groups throughout the year. Get individual portraits of each family. Then create your yearbook with a name you trust, Jostens. Turn every moment into a Jostens yearbook.

  • Holiday offers. Three annual holidays have things associated with them that you can buy and sell at a profit. You can sell roses for Valentines Day. You might even offer to deliver them for an extra charge. You can sell Thanksgiving cornucopias with the basket, miniature pumpkins, and gourds. And at Christmas you can sell poinsettias or wreaths. You can make the wreaths yourself. Craft stores have wire frames onto which you would weave pine branches. Add a red bow for that extra touch.
  • Raffle a night at a bed-and-breakfast. Find a Christian-owned bed-and-breakfast or someone's cabin. Tell the owners what you are raising money for and ask for a discount. Then have people buy tickets for the raffle.
  • Create your own cookbook. Read more about making these unique fundraising ideas here.
  • Recycling. You know about the value of recycling newspaper. But what you might not know is that there are other things that may bring in even more money. Collect old or broken appliances like washers and dryers. Recycling yards will pay for these. You could also collect and recycle printer ink jet and toner cartridges. Companies like FreeRecycling.com will pay you cash for your used cartridges.
  • Sell Tupperware. No, I don't mean join the company as a representative. They have a unique fundraising idea. Everyone knows the name, Tupperware. Their products are second to none. Find out more on their web site.
  • Scan people's pictures. Do you have a flatbed scanner? A lot of people would pay good money to have all their photographs scanned and put onto a disk. Make sure you treat the pictures with great care.

Unique Fundraising Ideas Conclusion

Not sure if any of these ideas are for you? Don't worry. I have a lot more unique fundraising ideas.

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