Christian Fundraising

I've listed a lot of Christian fundraising ideas on other pages. But some just don't really fit into any of those categories. So I put them all here in a miscellaneous category.

  • Kidnap the pastor. Make arrangements in advance! During a service, have some people go up front and "kidnap" the pastor. Tie his hands. Put a blind fold on him. Take him out of the auditorium. Have someone announce that they can have their pastor back when enough money has been raised for his ransom. Tell them that the ransom is going to be used for your project. Make sure you have someone else scheduled to preach that Sunday!
  • Host a karaoke night. Charge a couple bucks for each person who wants to sing a song.
  • Dunk the pastor. Rent a dunk tank. Put it in your church yard. Then get your pastors in there. Charge two or three dollars for three throws. You could combine this with a yard sale, a spaghetti dinner, or a church fair.
  • Bingo night. Host a bingo night at your church. Charge a dollar for each card. Then add to the prizes a 50/50 raffle. Sell food and drinks too for added profit.
  • Host a golf tournament. Make it a best ball tournament so that no one feels like they can't help out the team. Ask local businesses to donate prizes. Give away prizes for best score, closest to the pin, longest drive, etc.
  • Create t-shirts. Put a picture of your pastor on a t-shirt and add the words, "We Love Our Pastor." Have everyone pay a little extra for them so you make a profit. Then have everyone wear the t-shirts on pastor appreciation Sunday. For more pastor appreciation ideas, see my other site,
  • Walk or Run. Put on a five mile walk/run. Mark out a route through nearby neighborhoods. Have participants get financial sponsors. People can wear t-shirts with the church name on them. Or have parents decorate their strollers and push their kids along with them. All the proceeds go to your project.
  • Bowling challenge. Have people pledge one cent for every pin someone knocks down. Then have your group members bowl as long as they can. You could also do a silent auction at the same time – with prizes donated from area businesses. Get the bowling alley manager to give a big discount on per game fees.
  • Food eating contest. Whether it's pie, hot dogs, or watermelon, set a time limit and see who eats the most. Have people sponsor the person they think will win.
  • Ongoing bowling or golf league. Charge the appropriate green's fees and then some extra so that you make a profit. You don't need to make it a formal league. Just pick a golf course and tell everyone that they have one week to play nine or 18 holes and turn in their score cards. Give out prizes at the end of the time you set. This can be great for ongoing Christian fundraising.
  • Sell donation cards. Charge five or ten dollars for each entry. Collect prizes from area businesses. Then draw names for the prizes.

Christian Fundraising Conclusion

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