Fund Raising Product

One of the most popular church fundraising choices is to sell a fund raising product.

But in choosing your product, it is important to first consider a couple things. There are two ways to sell products.

  1. Take orders and deliver later. If you don't have money up front, this is the best way to go. You don't have to pay for product until you actually collect money from your customers. You use a catalog to show people what the options are. They choose the items they want to buy. The seller records the choices on an order form. Then later on delivery is made and the product is paid for. Then, and only then, do you have to pay the company for the product.
  2. Have the product on hand when you approach people to make a sale. This option may increase your profit by up to 40%. People would just rather pay for something they get right on the spot. Think of the difference between the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts often sell popcorn. They have a catalog that they show people, and then people place their orders. They take delivery and make payment later. But the Girl Scouts have cookies right there when they approach people. Who would you be more likely to buy from?

Fund Raising Product Considerations

Before you choose your product, you need to consider a few things.

  • Price has a direct impact on how much you will sell. I'll use the Boy Scout and Girl Scout example again. The popcorn the Boy Scouts sell is very expensive. My son had a very difficult time selling this product. People were only willing to pay so much because they believed in the cause. The Girl Scouts have found a product that they sell for a very reasonable price. They earn less per box. But by selling a huge number of cookie boxes, they make large profits. Make sure the product you are selling is reasonably inexpensive. Give people quality. But do it at the lowest cost possible.
  • The quality of the fund raising product has a direct impact on how much you will sell. If the wrapping paper is too thin, if the chocolate doesn't taste good, or if the coupon doesn't give a large enough discount people will not want to buy it. Some of the pizzas that are sold as church fundraising products are more like cardboard than food. Sell only quality products.
  • How often you approach people will directly impact how much you sell. The more often you ask people for money, the less likely they will be to make a purchase. So when you do a fundraiser, do it big so you don't have to repeat it next month. Keep in mind that there is also an online fundraising idea that brings in money without asking congregation and family members to make a purchase.
  • The reason you are raising money directly impacts how much money you make. The cause you are seeking to help needs to be worthwhile. If you are trying to raise money so you can buy t-shirts for the youth group, you might have trouble raising funds. But if you are raising money for a missions trip, people will probably be more inclined to buy.
  • The way you sell directly impacts how much you sell. Strong arm tactics usually backfire. Have people in your group explain why your cause is so important. Don't just tell them it's for a trip. Explain what you will be doing on your mission's trip. Describe how it will impact the people on the field and those in your group. Then ask for a sale.

What Products Are Available to Sell?

There really are an almost infinite number of fund raising products you can sell. Whatever you can buy at a discount and sell at a profit is a good product to work with.

However, there are a number of products that have been tested and found successful.

Here are some of the best.

  • Candy. Read more about candy fundraising here.
  • Cookie dough. Read more about fundraising with cookie dough here.
  • Disciples crosses. You can make money two ways with Disciple's Crosses. You can buy the kits, put together the crosses, and sell them back to the company. Or, you can put together the crosses and sell them to other Christians. Or you could do both!
  • Crafts. You probably know a lot of crafty people. Tell them about the cause you are raising money for. Ask them if they would sell you their products at a reduced rate. Then sell them for profit at a craft fair, in a booth in the church gym, or any other place you can think of.
  • Baked goods. Baked goods is a great add-on church fundraiser. Sell baked goods at your craft fair, yard sale, or auction. In fact, you could combine a craft fair with selling backed goods all inside a yard sale. We did this one time and made over $1,000.
  • Yard sale. People have "stuff" they would just rather get rid of. Some of it is worthless. But some of what they think is junk can actually bring you a profit. Get a pick up or van and go around collecting people's "stuff." Put prices on the fund raising products and set them out in your yard. Add a bake sale and a craft fair and you're likely to earn a lot of money.
  • Auction. Auctions have a great potential. The key is getting good products that people will be willing to pay for. Visit local businesses and see what they would like to provide in return for free advertising. Maybe it's a coupon for a by one get one free. Maybe it's a free oil change. It might be crafts that someone has made. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • Candles. Read more about this fund raising product here.
  • Cookbooks. Read more about cookbook fundraisers here.
  • Greeting cards. There are companies that will help you with this fundraiser. But don't waste your time and money. Go directly to Buy boxes of cards from them – they have some great deals. Then sell the cards for $1 each. You should make a pretty good profit.
  • Discount cards. Personally, I think that discount cards are one of the best Christian fund raising products. These cards usually provide real value to the person buying them. At the very least, the card will save them as much money as they paid you for it. Use a company like ABCFundraising to get your cards.
  • T-shirts or sweat shirts. Create your own design at CafePress.
  • Smencils and Spens. This is really a unique fund raising product. These pencils and pens are made from recycled newspaper. And they also come in different flavors – not to eat, of course. But they have smells like gum-e-bear, melon, vanilla, pear, razzleberry, and more. This is a great item to sell to children and parents looking for school supplies.
  • Flower bulbs. Everyone loves to look at beautiful gardens. Help people create their own in their yards. Read more here for complete information.
  • Pretzels. Ok, this seems a little odd. But think about it. When people go to fairs or theme parks, one of the top selling items are hot pretzels. Tap into that by selling them yourself. Click here for more information.
  • First aid or survival kits. People need to be better prepared – especially when they travel. Sell them a first aid/survival kit. You can use a company like ABCFundraising. Or better yet, make your own. Buy small zip-up bags. Stuff them with the basic essentials. Add a small phone directory so they can write in the phone numbers of their insurance company, their friends and family members, and the number of a tow company. Add some first aid items. Start with a small booklet with first aid instructions. Make sure it includes instructions on how to do CPR. Then add bandages of various sizes, antiseptic wipes, and large pieces of gauze. Include a small blanket to help them stay warm until help arrives.
  • DVD's. For this fund raising product, you will work with a company that does DVD fundraisers. Use their catalog and take orders. People get to choose their favorite movies and you get paid. Try ABCFundraising for more information.
  • Sport's team decals. Most homes have at least one sport's fan. They have their favorite team. Help them tell the world who they root for. Sell them sport's decals that they can put on their car or window.
  • Bricks or walking stones. You don't have to be building an addition to your church building to use this church fundraiser. Create a special walkway somewhere on your church property. Have people buy a brick that will have a name imprinted on it. The name can be their family name or the name of someone they wish to honor. Try a company like Compare prices. See if there is someone local who can provide the same quality product. Then prepare the ground and lay some bricks.
  • Quilts. There are probably people in your church who like to make quilts. You might even have a club that gets together to create beautiful quilts. Enlist them to make two or three quilts. Then hold a raffle for the quilts.
  • Holiday products. I mentioned elsewhere that there are different fund raising products related to various holidays. Make a rose arrangement for Valentine's Day. Make wreaths for Christmas. Create centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Sell them for profit. You might want to even deliver the roses for an extra charge.
  • Custom-printed fund raising products. Put a special verse or your church logo any of several items and then sell them for a profit. Use a company like CafePress. Create the perfect fundraiser product at CafePress
  • Rubber wrist bands. Use a company like and design your own wrist band. Put a favorite verse or an appropriate saying on the bands. Sell them to other Christians. Or, put more generic wording on them – like a school name – and sell them to everyone.
  • Tupperware. Everyone knows about the quality of Tupperware. Take advantage of that knowledge and use this fund raising product. See what they have to offer.
  • Money. You wouldn't actually "sell" money. But you can raise money through a raffle or a 50/50 fund raising product. Get organizations or businesses to donate prizes and then raffle them off. Or, sell tickets with numbers on them. Then draw one ticket out of the "hat." That person receives 50% of the money collected.
  • Home improvement book. You certainly have people in your church who are handy with tools. Have each of them write an article on how to do something. How to change the oil in your lawnmower; how to clean mold from your basement; how to maintain your appliances; how to change the oil in your car; etc. Have someone with writing experience edit each article. Then put the articles in book form. Sell them for profit.
  • Packets of home-made hot chocolate. When I was growing up, my mom made her own hot chocolate powder. We never bought it from the store. And hers was much better tasting! Create your own home-made powder and divide it into zip lock bags.
  • Gift baskets. Do this at the various holidays and/or have one dedicated to other occasions such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Buy medium sized baskets – large enough to get a good amount of goodies inside. Create one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and any other holiday you think appropriate. This fund raising product can be sold all year long.

Fund Raising Product Conclusion

Didn't find a fund raising product that fits your situation? Don't worry. I have a lot more ideas.

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