Candle Fundraisers

All candle fundraisers are not the same.

Or, I should say, all candles are not the same.

But if you do some research and shop around, you can find a great candle fundraising program.

Before you begin, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Candles have different burn durations. Some last longer than others. Generally, look toward the higher quality, name brand candles if you want a longer burn.
  • Scent quality varies between manufacturers. Some of the cheaper candles have scent in only the first inch or so of the wax. Again, this will be less true as you move toward the name brand candles.
  • Name does mean something when it comes to candles. Some of the fundraisers provide the cheapest candles available. That might be ok for most church fundraisers. But if higher quality is important to you, you should think less about price.
  • Selling higher priced candles can bring you more profit. Which would you prefer: 40% of a $10 candle or 40% of a $20 candle? Many people will be willing to pay for the higher quality.
  • Sell at special times of the year. People are changing their d├ęcor and mindset in the Spring and then again in the Fall. And Fall is a good time to sell for the holidays.

Where Can You Find These Fundraisers?

Here are some of the places I've found.

  • Yankee Candle. One of the biggest; one of the oldest; and in my opinion the best place to go for candle fundraising is Yankee Candle. This company had an interesting start. At 17 years old, the founder was without any money to buy his mother a Christmas present. So he melted some crayons and made them into a candle. That one candle grew into an empire. I strongly encourage you to consider Yankee Candle for your church fundraiser.
  • Celebrating Home is the result of two companies coming together: Home Interiors and Home and Garden. Visit their fundraising page and click on the Products tab. There you will see samples of the candles they offer. And they offer three types of candles. There is the classic home candle; the designer soy candle; and the pure palm candles. Once you've looked over their products, click back to the fundraising page and choose between an online or traditional fundraiser.
  • Candle Fundraisers USA candles are made from a premium soy blend. They are careful to scent the candle all the way to the bottom, so they won't lose their scent over time. Sign up with them and receive all their materials free. You don't have to pay anything up front.
  • ABC Fundraising offers a fundraiser that brings in a high percentage of profit. The candles are made of 100% food grade wax and have lead free wicks. They are all made in the USA. This candle fundraiser can be added on to other types of Christian fundraisers. Download their free candle fundraiser kit here.

Candle Fundraiser Conclusion

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