Fundraising Ideas for Churches

These fundraising ideas for churches don't deal with selling products.

I isolated many different types of service projects your group can do to raise money. That's what this page is about.

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To keep this page as short as possible, let's get right to the list.

  • Car detailing. Anybody can do a car wash. But you can also wash the inside of the windows, dust the dash board, and vacuum the carpeting. It will take much longer per car, but you can charge more for the service.
  • Rake lawns. I don't think anyone enjoys raking. Relieve them of the burden by raking their leaves in the fall.
  • Clean gutters. Leaves and sticks fall off of trees and inevitably end up in a house's rain gutters. So at least once a year they need to be cleaned out. For a price, offer to do it for your donors.
  • Work-a-thon. Your church janitor does a good job keeping the basics cleaned. But what about all those little details that don't get done – at least not very often. Schedule a 12 hour work-a-thon for a Saturday. Get sponsors to pledge any amount per hour that you are able to work. I used to be a church janitor and I can tell you this is one of the greatest fundraising ideas for churches.
  • Community cleanup. This is similar to the work-a-thon. Get sponsors to pledge amounts for you to work in the neighborhood picking up trash.
  • Serve a meal. A pancake breakfast, a spaghetti supper, or a pizza party are all great ways to raise money.
  • Christmas carol grams. Ask people to pay to have a small group carol at someone's house – of course at Christmas time!
  • Auction services. Have people gather together and bid on various services. Have three people in your group offer to rake leaves. Have some agree to mow and edge a yard. Some others could change a car's oil. Still others could prepare a meal. There might be people willing to pay for baby sitting, car detailing, or computer help. Auction these services to the highest bidder. And as long as you have a lot of people all together at the auction, sell bake goods too!
  • Wrap presents. At Christmas time, people have so much to do that wrapping presents often gets put off until the last minute. Help them out and wrap the presents for them – for a small fee, of course.
  • Host a movie night. Sell tickets and show the movie in your auditorium or somewhere else in your church. You could even rent an actual theater.
  • Household jobs. Charge a fee to do ironing, vacuuming, dusting, meal-making, washing windows, etc.

Fundraising Ideas for Churches Conclusion

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