Youth Group Fundraiser

There are a lot of reasons to put on a youth group fundraiser.

You might want to help pay for kids to go to camp.

Maybe you are trying to earn money for a mission's project.

You might need new equipment for youth activities.

Whatever the case, you want to put on a great youth group fundraiser.

Here are some ideas. Some of these have been listed elsewhere on this site. But you can put a unique twist on these ideas so that they are more fun and age-appropriate.

  • Kidnap the pastor. Prearrange to let your pastor in on the joke. Arrange to have someone else preach. Then, just when your pastor stands up to "preach," have some youth run to the front. Blindfold and tie his hands. Lead him out. Have another of the youth group announce that your pastor will be released when the ransom has been paid. Tell the congregation about the project you are raising money for and then take an offering. "Release" the pastor for the end of the service.
  • Create t-shirts. Have t-shirts made up with the picture of your youth pastor on it. Add the words, "My Youth Pastor Is Kind of Cool – I Guess.
  • Flocking. This is a twist on the old favorite of toilet papering someone's house – and it's a lot easier to clean up. See this page for more information.
  • YouTube competition. Have individuals or groups of youth create videos and put them up on YouTube. The videos can either be serious or funny – you choose. Host a video night at your church and charge for tickets. Play all of the videos.
  • Skit night. Divide the youth group into small groups. Have each of them find or create their own skit. Invite the entire church to a skit night. Either charge them an entrance fee or take an offering for your project.
  • Bowling challenge. Have each youth get sponsors for the event. Sponsors will pledge one cent for every pin knocked down. Then make the bowling fun. Have one frame a blind fold frame. Have another a backward roll. Another frame you could have two youth be a three-leg bowler. Use your creativity to come up with all sorts of ideas to make the night fun.
  • Yard work. Have people hire the youth group to do jobs around the outside of the house. Have them rake the lawn, clean the gutters, stack fire wood, wash windows, or anything else.
  • Create an annual church yearbook. Throughout the year, have various youth group members take pictures of every activity done in and around the church. Then have each family sit for a special portrait taken by a youth group member who has a talent for such a thing. Then create your yearbook with a name you trust, Jostens. Turn every moment into a Jostens yearbook..
  • Sell Smencils and Smens. This is a really unique youth group fundraiser. These pencils and pens are made from recycled newspaper. Then they are given various scents. Go to for more information about this youth group fundraiser.

Youth Group Fundraiser Conclusion

For more church fundraising ideas, see these pages:

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