Amp Fusion

One of my favorite church management programs is produced by Elexio.

"Elexio has become known for its integrated church management solutions. Solutions which include the native integration of church website CMS, church database, check-in solutions, web-based membership portals, and mobile apps. With the concept of Connecting, Growing, and Engaging your community, these tools provide you the ability to communicate, assimilate, and grow those entrusted to you.

We are focused on providing vital church software and creative design for churches to help people know Jesus. Through the innovation of our solutions, we give you one provider and one purpose – focusing your efforts on ministry rather than the tools."

Elexio is the only church software company that I've found who integrates a whole web site with their other features:

"There are no packages to pick from – we give you unlimited everything including editors, pages, storage, technical support, and more. Every church should be empowered to offer calendars, blogs, media (audio & video), online donations, event registration, etc. – that's why we include all the bells and whistles for churches of all sizes."

The web site can stand alone, or it can be totally integrated with the other modules:

"Innovation is built into Amp Vibe because it's part of the integrated church software suite called Amp. You can use Amp Vibe separately but…when you add Amp Fusion (the database) magic happens. You can turn on contact info, church directory, small group finder, small group management, event registration, ministry management, and online giving on your website and instantly have all that data in your database to use and report on. Also, imagine having your website, management tools, mobile app, small group software, mass communication, donations, event registrations, check-in system and more all working together as one."

This is one church software program you will definitely want to test.

Visit their web site for more information.

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