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Many parents yearn to adopt a baby and feel the joy of holding a precious new life in their arms. Do you feel God leading you in this way? Bethany has been bringing families together through infant adoption for more than 60 years.

Infant adoption is the adoption of a newborn or very young child. Families adopt infants for many reasons. Perhaps you feel called to provide a loving home to a child in need. Maybe you want to grow your family through adoption. Many families see adoption as a beautiful reflection of the way God loves all His children.

Expectant parents make an adoption plan for their unborn child because they feel that they are not able to parent at this time and that adoption is the very best choice for their child. Bethany works with both adoptive and expectant parents to create a plan that works best for everyone.

In the U.S., there are also thousands of children waiting for a forever family beyond infancy. They have had a difficult start in life, and more than anything, they long for a permanent home. You can give a child the wonderful gift of a loving family.

Older child adoption is the adoption of a child who is beyond the infancy stage (0-2 years.) These children are most often in the foster care system. More than 400,000 children in the United States are living in foster care and over 100,000 of them cannot return to their birthfamilies because of past abuse or neglect. These precious children are yearning for a lifelong family who will surround them with love and care.

Is there room in your heart and home to adopt an older child? Through Bethany, you can give a child who is living in foster care or other temporary arrangements the gift of a forever family. Many of these children are waiting to be adopted as a group with brothers and sisters. They have experienced hurt and hardship in life. More than anything, they need a loving, caring, permanent family.

With subsidies from Bethany, adoption may be more affordable than you think. We strive to help families overcome financial barriers so they can welcome a vulnerable, waiting child.

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