Bluegrass Christian Adoption Services

Bluegrass Christian Adoption Services, Inc. is a licensed child-placing agency since 1987.

We provide services for adoptive parents: Domestic adoption placements; Domestic home studies for agency placements, interstate adoptions and embryo adoptions; Training opportunities and mentorship; and counseling and preparation for adoption from the Christian perspective.

We also provide Services for Potential Birth Parents: All services to potential birth parents are provided free of charge, including legal counsel pertaining to child relinquishment; Opportunity to choose and meet your child's adoptive parents; Adoptions are tailored according to your wishes, may be open or as confidential as you prefer; and non-judgemental, non-pressured counseling offered in a professional and compassionate manner for as long as you would desire.

The Kentucky Adoption Coalition is comprised of Kentucky licensed child-placing agencies which are dedicated to promoting adoption through education and the ethical and compassionate treatment of birth parents, adoptive parents, and children. We are pleased that you are exploring adoption.

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