Children's Hope International Adoption Agency

Children’s Hope International Adoption Agency is eager to help you to bring your child home from China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Russia or Vietnam. Since 1992, we have assisted parents in internationally adopting over 8,000 children from countries around the world.

Children's Hope International Adoption Agency is a not-for-profit Christian agency which is both COA and Hague accredited. In addition we provide food, shelter, medical care, education and family preservation services in China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Russia and Vietnam.

We are a trusted international adoption agency working with families in all states.

We are a non-profit, faith-based Christian agency committed to walk out our faith through our mission of homes, health and hope to children in need, especially those who are without one or both parents. We are affiliated with no particular denomination and work cooperatively with people of all faiths. Pure religion in the sight of God is to care for the fatherless and the vulnerable. Faith in the Lord is the basis of our work and our staff, the energizing fuel of our daily work and the basis of the principles which guide us.

Children's Hope International is passionate about our mission statement:

Homes, Health and Hope for Children in Need.

Our roots go back to 1982 as an international education institute which provided assistance with adoption for its members. When China opened up to international adoption in 1992, Dwyatt Gantt along with Melody Zhang recognized this opportunity to help orphaned children find loving homes and thus Children's Hope International / China's Children began. Gantt moved from China back to the United States while Zhang worked through an orphanage located in China. As a result, fourteen children were placed with families in that first year. We are honored to say that Children’s Hope was one of the first agencies to finalize adoptions from China for American families.

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