Christian Adoption Services

Christian Adoption Services is a private, non-profit agency whose primary purpose is to provide domestic and international children the opportunity of having a loving, Christ-centered family.

As a licensed agency located in Matthews and Rocky Mount, North Carolina, CAS provides services to birth parents throughout North Carolina and places children with adoptive families throughout North Carolina and the United States.

Christian Adoption Services, Inc. was founded in 1979 as a result of the success that Doris Woodward had in facilitating adoptions from her native country of El Salvador.

When the agency’s office moved to North Carolina from Maine in 1989, a pregnancy counseling program evolved from the agency’s response to women and men who were exploring the option of adoption. Whereas the infant domestic program has been the agency’s hallmark for the past few years CAS engages pregnancy counselors across NC who readily respond to calls for service. Birth and adoptive families agree – the staff of Christian Adoption Services is sincerely committed to children. During the past year, God has been challenging CAS to revive its international work. CAS was one of the first agencies in the country to receive a 5-year Hague Accreditation. CAS has formed an alliance with African Christians Fellowship International (ACFI) to provide humanitarian aid and adoption opportunities for Liberian children.

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