Christian Based Drug Rehab and the Church

by Susan Roy – Public and Professional Relations
The Treatment Center

With Christian based drug rehab, churches are often the first place an addict turns for help. When families are faced with the problem of addiction, Pastors are frequently asked for their opinion on the best solution. The hope offered through Christ is ultimately the solution to every problem. Pastors and church leaders are able to offer excellent direction and support to an addict or alcoholic. However, they are often baffled by the problem of addiction. The addict seems to be unable to maintain a grasp on the hope being offered. It seems on the surface that they are simply weak willed or uncommitted to recovery. A Christian rehab is able to offer support to the church. It can deal with the underlying physical and mental issues to free the person from the chains of addiction. Only then is the person able to receive the message of Christ and maintain their sobriety. Christian drug treatment is often a necessary first step on the journey of spiritual recovery.

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Christian Based Drug Rehab and the Patient

In Christian drug rehabs, many people have never been exposed to faith or participated in Bible study. They come to the program because they know they are spiritually broken. They are looking for answers and are often very open to the message of the gospel. Treatment incorporates daily study of the Bible with prayer and individual and group therapy. It helps addicts recognize that God has not forsaken them in their time of need. As a result, addiction treatment with a Christian emphasis is highly effective. It is not uncommon for addicts in a Christian drug treatment program to surrender their lives to Christ for the first time. They gain a sense of freedom and peace, knowing that they have God’s forgiveness. When recovering addicts know that their sins are accepted and forgiven, then they find it easier to forgive themselves for their mistakes. Faith based Christian rehab programs offer people addicted to drugs the best chance of reclaiming their lives and learning to enjoy every day as a gift.

Christian Based Drug Rehab and the Pastor

The participation of local pastors in the treatment center environment brings a valuable perspective to the recovery program. Patients come to feel comfortable with a church pastor, often for the first time in their lives. Once the addict is stable, participation in a church plays a significant role on the journey to sobriety. Christian rehab treatment centers encourage recovering drug and alcohol addicts to explore and develop their faith, through daily Bible study and intensive prayer groups, in the hopes that addicts will find strength in Jesus Christ. Patients are then directed back to the local Church to continue their spiritual development. The opportunities for churches to work hand in hand with Christian treatment centers are growing. Being part of the family of God, we are all able to bring our gifts and talents to work for Him.

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