Christian Christmas Poems

Christian Christmas poems are perfect for the holidays. Put them in a greeting card, your church bulletin, or even recite them around the Christmas tree.


C is for the Christ child who in a manger lay.
H is for the Holy night of that glorious day.
R is for the rich gifts the wise men brought.
I is for the ignorance of Herod, as the babe he sought.
S is for the star that led the wise men to the scene.
T is for the tenderness in the child serene.
M is for Mary, the chosen mother of the child.
A is for the angels who appeared to the shepherds meek and mild.
S is for the song of Silent Night, which tells the story of this glorious child.

A Christian Christmas poem by Judy Crowe

For the Chosen

In a stable rude, in a little town,
In a manger crude, Mary lay him down.
Born King of kings in God's great plan,
The Savior of the world, God's gift to man.
This King, the Lord, was not born in Rome,
Nor was Jerusalem His home.
No, it was Bethlehem, outside
The city of David, as prophesied.
Though the King of kings, the shepherds found
With him, no royal robe nor jeweled crown,
But wrapped in cloth, in a manger lined with hay.
As many sang a lullaby to this tiny King,
This Savior who ... new life could bring.
Her thoughts were not that He would wear
A robe, a crown and a cross He'd bear.
He was the gift of God's ultimate plan,
The gift of life offered every man.
Will you come in faith and truly believe,
For it is in our heart, His life we receive.
It is no wonder they call Him Savior and Lord,
To not believe, to reject Him we can't afford.
Lord Jesus, I humbly come to you now,
And at thy feet, I do humbly bow.

A Christian Christmas poem by Judy Crowe

Not His to Own, But His to Give

Not a cradle nor a pillow for His little head
But a lowly manger in a stable was His bed.
Not in a castle or a palace did the little King dwell
But in a tiny house, His dad a lowly carpenter as well.
Not a fine horse drawn coach, not even a donkey to ride
But across the lonely country they walked in order to hide.
Not a fine mansion or a shiny big brass bed
But any place that was handy to rest His weary head.
Not a crown of gold set with priceless jewel
But an ugly crown of thorns from a world so cruel.
Not a reward for goodness and love which He showed
But a cross of crudeness which He had towed.
Not a marble headstone at the Savior's head
But a borrowed grave sealed with a stone instead.
Not even the stone could hold Him, the One who died
But the gift He gives us is life eternal, an ever flowing tide.

A Christian Christmas poem by Judy Crowe

The Silence Was Broken

The silence was broken as the shepherds watched the sheep.
Angels resounded with the news of our Savior's birth.
The shepherds in the field heard their song.
Rejoice, rejoice, the angels sang as they told of His worth.

The silence was broken when the Angel said to Joseph,
"Flee with the child and go to the land of Egypt, far
There is a wicked king who desires to kill the child.
He is a jealous king and would destroy the child that Mary bore.

The silence was broken when the nails were hammered
And Jesus was hung on a cruel tree, His blood to spill.
That precious Lamb of God was sacrificed for us
When He carried the cross and the sins of the world up the hill.

The silence was broken when the stone was rolled away
And Jesus rose victorious from the borrowed grave.
The King, the Savior, the Lord of all wasn't dead.
Because the promise from God, everlasting life was what He gave.

The silence will be broken one last time when
The trumpet will sound and triumphant we will be,
For the battle will be done and we will have won
And the glory of the Lord, we will finally see.

A Christian Christmas poem by Judy Crowe

Where Is Christ in Christmas?

Brightly colored ornaments are glistening
As they dangle from an evergreen tree.
Glowing lights are blinking brightly.
But where is Christ to be?

Bells are ringing at every store,
People rushing, children cry to see,
Santa is seen just everywhere.
But where is Christ to be?

Christmas is near; there's so much to do.
There are cards to send, people to see,
Decorations come out of storage,
But where is Christ to be?

There are bright colored lights strung here and there.
Children are clamoring to sit on Santa's knee.
They are asking for toys, these girls and boys.
But where is Christ to be?

We see a tiny manger scene placed somewhere,
Under a dazzling decorated Christmas tree.
We hear some carolers singing a joyful song.
But where is Christ to be?

Many years ago, while shepherds watched their sheep,
Angels appeared with tidings of great joy.
The silence was broken by what had appeared
As they spoke of the birth of a baby boy.

In a little town called Bethlehem crowded with people
Mary and Joseph came, but had no place to stay.
A King was born, a gift of God's love
And Mary gently placed him in a manger of hay.

We celebrate His birth at this wonderful time of year.
We worry and make lists for this and for that.
We go about shopping for just the right gift,
For mother some warm gloves, and father a winter hat.

With all these worries we go again
To get just the most perfect tree
As we prepare for this wonderful time.
But where is Christ to be?

A Christian Christmas poem by Judy Crowe

Christian Christmas Poems Conclusion

Use these poems to celebrate the greatest season of them all.

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