Christian Debt Counselors

Christian Debt Counselors Service Providers consolidate your debts without the need for you to obtain a loan. All your unsecured debt can be put into one monthly payment that will fit in to your budget. Your monthly obligations can be reduced by up to half or more in some cases!

Originally, Credit Counseling programs were developed by the creditors in order to help their customers work through difficult times repaying their debts. As long as we work within the creditors' established guidelines for people that are in need of counseling, we can extend these many benefits to you. In some program's creditors will eliminate interest charges and those that do not, usually will reduce your interest rate to as little as 6%-9% and in some hardship cases even 0% until the debt is paid off.

In most cases, the creditor will bring your account current and waive penalties and late fees. Since you will be making on time monthly payments, the Credit Counseling program will not hurt your credit score rating. If your credit score rating is good it will stay good, if it is not, this program will help rebuild your credit, so you will no longer be considered a risk, but a good paying customer.

A trained Professional Credit Counselor will review your debts, payments and budget history. Your accounts will be set up according to the guidelines of the creditors for people who are in credit counseling. If you can not afford the initial amount, we will adjust your payment to fit within your budget. If it is on time each month, your account will reflect those on time monthly payments and your account will be maintained in good standing until all your debts are satisfied.

Debt Consolidation is a commonly used term to describe different debt repayment plans that will allow you to combine your monthly payments into one payment that is affordable for you. These are usually offered with lower interest rates, and reduced monthly fees to allow you to pay more on the principle each month rather then so much in interest and fees.

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