Christian Services of Oklahoma

The mission of Christian Services of Oklahoma is to provide stable, loving families for infants and young children through adoptive and foster care placements. We accomplish this by carefully screening and training potential parents and by preparing birth mothers through support and counseling.

Of all the adoption agencies available, why should you use our Christian-based adoption services? What is outstanding about Christian Services of Oklahoma?

Christian Services of Oklahoma strives to meet the needs of women. Our staff listens and assists in creating an adoption plan that will be as rewarding and helpful to the birth mother as possible. We achieve this in the following ways: By providing trained, professional counselors on staff; By allowing birth mothers to choose the adoptive families for their babies; By facilitating continued contact with the birth families and adoptive families after the adoption is complete; By guiding women gently through their unplanned pregnancies without pressure; and By providing foster care when needed.

Since 2000, Christian Services of Oklahoma has specialized in domestic infant adoption. We are thrilled to be a part of the adoption journey with our families.

Generally, we help women wishing to place their unborn children for adoption to connect with prospective adoptive couples working with our agency. We provide guidance to both prospective adoptive families and birth mothers for every step of the adoption process. We focus our efforts on providing quality, caring services to each member of the adoption triad (child, birth mother and adoptive parents).

Our adoption services do not end at placement. We provide continued post placement support for adoptive parents and children. We are also committed to providing ongoing support for birth mothers after placement.

Each adoption is different and unique. Although we primarily place infants, we do occasionally have older children available for adoption.

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