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Uplifting Christian Poetry

The following church inspirational poems may be used in bulletins, greeting cards, or other offline activities. However, they may not be republished or used on any other web site.


Do Not Worry

Do not worry, neither should we fret,
For I know that my Lord isn't through yet.
He has a plan, though not yet known
But He will not make us stand alone.
Keep the faith, no need to explain,
For in His grace, we cannot wane.
When trials come and they surely will,
Let your worries vanish and wait until
He reveals your task and gives you strength,
To do His will and serve at any length.
If He would take notice of a sparrow's fall,
Then He will not forsake any of us at all.
There are many times when we give up,
But Jesus took of that bitter cup
So that whatever may happen, He'll be there
And all of our burdens, He will be willing to bear.

by Judy Crowe

Eternal Hope in Jesus

Many are tired and weary
And they are longing for home,
Ready for the trumpets sound,
Yearning for rest, no more to roam.

Just a little longer, be patient friend
And heaven's gates will open wide.
Next, He'll appear at heaven's door. We'll
Exit earth's sorrows and in His home abide.

Make no mistake, He's coming.
O hear the joyous sound.
Every angel is singing praises,
Let the songs of the ages resound.
Let the sorrows of life pass over and
Eternal life wear it's crown.
Remember His love never fails us,
For, our eternal hope is heaven bound.

by Judy Crowe

A New Song

I have a new song in my heart
Because, I really do believe,
It wasn't just a twist of fate,
Jesus really died for me.

One day the Lord came to this world,
He came to be my life for me.
He gave up the riches He had,
To feel my pain and misery.

The covenant is real to me,
There came a time when I could see
And I saw the death walk made for me
When Jesus went to Calvary.

It was His blood, His precious blood
That was spilled for me
Upon the hill, yes Calvary's hill,
I was set free.

by Judy Crowe

Arms of Love

The following church inspirational poem talks about the great love God has for all of us.

He stands with arms outstretched
To embrace the whole world with love,
Yet few come into His sheltering wing
And rest upon the promise made above.

He stands knocking at our heart's door,
Listening for us to say, "Please come in."
"Take my hand and lead me through
This agonizing life of sin."

He stands looking with eyes that care
About the way we live, so others might see
Whether it be sin and confusion
Or, whether they see Jesus in me.

He stands with arms open wide
Saying, "I was nailed like this to a cruel tree."
"It wasn't because of wrong I had done."
"I died that you might be set free."

by Judy Crowe


The following church inspirational poem would be excellent for a baby dedication or baptism, or could be written in a congratulations greeting card.

God sent a blessing, an answer to prayer.
He said to you, here is a child that needs your care.
There was no hesitation, the decision was made.
You picked her up, in your loving arms she laid.

You had much love to share with a child you chose.
A beautiful little girl and oh how you held her close.
Joy filled your hearts and sparkled your eyes.
The air is filled with oohs, ahs, and blissful sighs.

With our congratulations, we send our love to you.
God has truly blessed, now your plans He has made new.
There is a tiny being that needs you to share
A heart full of love, to show how much you care.

by Judy Crowe

A Message from God

This church inspirational poem speaks of slowing down during a time of hardship or pressure.

Sometimes God says, "Slow Down,
I want you to be still and listen.
Can't you see you're going too fast?
Know that I am here to take care of you."
Now and then our body needs to rest,
Endless running can ware us down,
So rest a while and let healing work,
Slow down and let God speak.

by Judy Crowe


My special thanks to Judy Crowe for sharing her church inspirational poems with all of us.

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