Colorado Christian Services

Colorado Christian Services is a State-licensed, child-placement agency. We have been serving children and families since 1963, and we have been licensed in the State of Colorado since 1964.

We have placed nearly 1,200 babies for adoption into loving Christian families during our 45+ years of service to the community.

We have helped thousands of pregnant women overcome one of the toughest hurdles they have ever faced... an unplanned pregnancy. We provide them with free counseling, access to medical care and other community resources. In addition, we have also provided them with food, clothing, housing & medical referrals, parenting education & support, and help in obtaining a GED.

We have become a source of hope for Christian couples dreaming of becoming parents by providing them the full range of adoption services.

Our Counseling Program provides individual, marital, and family counseling regarding issues not necessarily related to adoption. We are able to offer counseling on an affordable fee basis to strengthen the families in our community.

We are able to assist families who reside in other states. In fact, children placed by Colorado Christian Services are living in virtually every state in our nation. We are fully equipped to handle all aspects of the adoption process, from application to finalization. Our agency has nearly five decades of experience serving children and families. We can help you navigate through the complex process of adoption.

Please visit our web site for more information.

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