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Whenever the enemy has us in a snare, it is always best to turn our eyes upon Jesus and cast our cares upon Him. He is the one who will lead us out of the dark and despairing ways of life as we rely upon Him for all things. He came to set us free, and one important aspect of this freedom is what He said about His yoke-it is easy, and His burden is light.
A major step in finding a solution to our debt dilemma is to find resources in the Body of Christ that will work with us in this critical area. There are so many people and groups dispensing advice on how we should handle our finances. When we think about all the advice that is available, and how it is often so conflicting, no wonder we are so confused!

At Debt Consolidation Services, we understand how confusing all the noise can be on money matters. We use The Holy Bible as our firm foundation for the programs we offer and the counseling we provide everyone who contacts us. We know that no amount of worldly wisdom can compare to what God says about our financial affairs. We already tried that!

Also, our expertise in the area of credit card programs and creditor practices gives you a wise fellow believer in your camp. We come along side you, look at your complete financial situation, and offer solutions based on what would be the best for you. We offer programs (debt management and budget counseling) and referrals that cover most of the areas where you may need assistance.

We realize each person's situation is unique, and yet no one is alone in this battle. We know the enemy loves to isolate believers, and we work closely with you to stop this from happening to you. The major weapon in our battle is prayer, and we use it as liberally as God gives us opportunity. We would love to pray with and for you.

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