Evangelical Child and Family Agency

Our Healthy Infant and Toddler program's goal is to provide a healthy infant and toddler of any ethnicity into a loving home of a couple who has infertility and is longing for a child to complete their family. You will be working with dedicated staff who will be caring and supportive to you as you walk on this life long journey of adoption. They will serve as a guide and advocate for you by providing your home study, education, post placement services, and license as required by the State of Illinois.

The healthy infant and toddler program works alongside ECFA's Pregnancy Support Service team. Women who come to ECFA for services receive free confidential counseling, assistance, and support. If a woman chooses adoption for her child, she will be able to view profiles of the families in the healthy infant program. The birth family then has the opportunity to choose the family they would like to see raise their child.

Most birth mothers want to meet the adoptive couple before and after the birth of their child. They prefer to have letters and pictures on a regular basis as well.

ECFA's special needs program seeks to provide loving, Christian homes to children who are waiting to be adopted throughout the United States.

Children who have been abused or neglected often develop specific coping behaviors that make it difficult for them to feel love and trust towards adults. The idea of becoming part of a "forever family" is difficult for them to accept, and they will need a family who will advocate for them and provide them with treatment as necessary. ECFA's adoption team will help you as you search for a waiting child. Often, this search is done through a variety of websites which have pictures and short narratives about the child. These children are located throughout the United States. It will be necessary for the family to travel to visit with that child before accepting them into their home on a permanent basis.

ECFA has knowledgeable, dedicated staff who will help facilitate your adoption if you are choosing to do so internationally. We have a partnership with specific agencies with whom you would be working with for the placement of your child or children. ECFA will provide you with a home study, education, an Illinois foster home license, and post adoption services. We will also help you as you work through the immigration processes by helping facilitate travel Visas for you and your child.

Evangelical Child and Family Agency provides compassionate, Christ-centered services that offer hope and healing to children, adults and families.

The mission of Evangelical Child and Family Agency is to protect and nurture abused, neglected and dependent children, and strengthen the quality of life for individuals and families. We do this by providing quality social services from a biblical perspective.

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