Faith Family Recovery Center - Minnesota

Faith Family Recovery Center offers outpatient Christian drug and alcohol rehab services.

Faith Family Recovery Center, LLC. is a Minnesota Christian drug treatment center featuring faith based recovery programs. This alcohol treatment center in Minnesota is a leading drug rehab facility in MN because of the courteous and professional staff.

Faith Family Recovery Center is a faith-based and family-oriented treatment program committed to providing quality care for individuals struggling with chemical dependency. We are dedicated to treating every individual with dignity and respect through a program focused on providing hope for a better future free from drug and alcohol use.

Our staff consists of caring, respectful professionals who embrace and embody Christian principles. All of the counselors at Faith Family Recovery Center are licensed through the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services.

Chemical dependency affects every aspect of an individuals life, which is why we take a holistic approach to recovery. It is our experience at Faith Family Recovery Center that chemical dependency is treatable with the right support. When clients incorporate faith into the recovery process, they discover skills and resources that support sobriety, promote life-long success, and make real recovery possible. Generally, our programs are separated by gender with the exception of the educational portion of our programs

Please visit our web site or call us at (651) 437-1628 for more information.

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