Grace Track for Christians - Florida

Welcome to Grace Track, Spencer Recovery Centers’ Faith-Based, Christian recovery program. We offer a comprehensive approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction that promises renewal of body and spirit through reconnection with Christ. Many sufferers among us who do not share the gift of faith struggle to maintain their sobriety through traditional programs.

Grace Track’s unique approach will guide you through an effective treatment program that integrates the twelve steps with the teachings of Jesus Christ, building a firm foundation for a life free from the loneliness of drug and alcohol addiction. By trusting God’s infinite forgiveness, and working to restore your relationship with Him, you will find sure footing on the path toward true recovery, no matter how far your addiction has steered you from your true course.

Grace Track’s powerful recovery program employs both the principles of the twelve steps and the Word of God as found in the Bible. Rather than seek a general spiritual healing from addiction, Grace Track’s faith-based approach combines the tools of Christianity with the tools of the twelve steps to build a broad, stable foundation for genuine sobriety. While the twelve steps emphasize the need to connect with “god as you understand god”, Grace Track nurtures the communion between the sufferer and our Lord God, Jesus Christ, through whom a deep and lasting relief from addiction may be sought. Tailored to Christian ethics, Grace Track bridges the gap between simple recovery and God’s salvation by relating the twelve steps to God’s message as outlined in the Life Recovery Bible, which explores the real life experience of fellow addicts who have recovered by working the twelve steps in conjunction with reconnecting to the limitless bounty of God’s Grace. These true stories reflect God’s indispensable role in recovery, revealing Him to be the source of all true healing, restoring hope to the hopeless and faith to the fallen. Accepting God’s forgiveness, those in recovery allow themselves to be lifted up to a new life free from the isolation, suffering and disharmony that has been the hallmark of their addiction. Essentially spiritual and infinitely practical, the Grace Track program offers a pragmatic, faith-driven path to lifelong recovery.

Please visit our web site or call us at (800) 781-6113 for more information.

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