International Christian Adoptions

Christian families urgently needed for babies, toddlers, and older children.

International Christian Adoptions became one of a select number of agencies licensed to service all counties in California with offices statewide we can provide quality care to all members of the adoptive family. Through the Interstate Compact Agreement (ICPC) we can also serve the Christian Community throughout the United States.


International Christian Adoptions believes in the sanctity of life: that all children, born and unborn, are priceless and uniquely made. We exist to offer children hope: hope in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Hope for having their basic needs met. Hope for an education and a bright future. Hope for a family they can call their own.

This mission is carried out through the following services:

ADOPTION SERVICES: As a licensed, non-profit adoption agency, ICA provides compassionate and caring services to the adoptive triad (birth parents, adoptive parents and children).

FOSTER FAMILY SERVICES: Providing loving support and comfort to abused and neglected children through mentoring programs, reunification services and respite care.

HUMANITARIAN AID: Providing relief services to foreign and domestic orphanages and to the children in domestic residential facilities. This relief includes goods delivered, foreign exchange programs, transitional homes and micro business support.

COUNSELING AND SUPORT SERVICES: Qualified, well-trained Christian professionals provide counseling services and support groups to birth parents, adopted children, adoptive parents, foster children and foster parents.

FAMILY TRAINING: We provide ongoing support to the adoptive family and the children they are parenting, both before and after placement. These classes prepare the adoptive and foster families for the special emotional and developmental challenges that they can expect when raising children who have been in institutional care.

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