Life for Kids

Life for Kids is a private, non-profit, Christian, licensed, adoption agency. Our purpose is to serve women who are pregnant, their unborn babies, and adoptive families. We desire to help women discover the best path for themselves and their babies. We provide decision-making counseling as well as adoption planning for women who are pregnant. We are here to provide compassion, information, and support during this life-changing time in women's lives.

We also serve Christian couples seeking to grow their family through adoption. We provide complete adoption services for families pursing adoption.

We hope that you will consider letting Life for Kids be a part of your adoption journey.

As a licensed non-profit adoption agency, Life
for Kids serves Christian couples called by God
to build their families through adoption. We
believe every child deserves a loving family and forever home. We are honored and humbled to serve you through your adoption journey.

The mission of our organization is to minster to the needs of women who are in the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy by offering positive, life-giving alternatives to abortion and to build strong, stable, Christian families.

We have been assisting women in crisis pregnancies since 1984. In April 1992, Life for Kids was licensed by the state of Florida as an adoption agency. Over the past 25 years, Life for Kids has had the privilege of saving many lives and placing hundreds of children with loving, Christian couples. The Life for Kids staff consists of a professional and experienced team that provides Godly counsel and support to adoptive families and birthparents.

Visit our web site for more information.

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