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Lifetree Adoption Agency of Dallas is Christian-based agency serving all of Texas. We felt that our name had to reflect our belief system. Lifetree, which is derived from the Bible’s “Tree of Life”, became our chosen name.

Lifetree Adoption Agency founders are Andrea Damone-Kellogg and Robin Stephenson. It is so amazing how God brought us together. Our stories are true, yet quite unique. Andrea and Robin’s friendship came about when both were pursuing the same thing out of life but from different angles…one wanting to be a "mom" and the other with the skills to make it happen; and one wanting to open an adoption agency and the other with the skills to make it happen.

God Answered my Heart’s Desire - By Robin
After five years of riding on the infertility rollercoaster and many unsuccessful IVF procedures, I still had the desire to have a child. I clung to a saying a friend had shared with me. She told me I would become a mom some day because only the Lord could put that desire into my heart. There were times I prayed for the Lord to take that desire out of my heart but, the desire became stronger than ever. The day my final IVF attempt failed, I came to realize that my dream of becoming a mom was raising a child that grew up in my heart, rather in my tummy.

I talked to many adoption agencies before the Lord placed Andrea in my path. Andrea was warm, caring, and comfortable to talk to. Suddenly, a sense of peace came over me as she explained to me the adoption process and the steps needed in making me a "mom."

The best thing I loved about the adoption process was I got to meet my "little angel’s" Birthmother and watching my "little angel" come into this world. I am very thankful to my "little angel’s" Birthmother. She has the most loving and unselfish heart ever imaginable and she chose me to parent her child. She helped me to become the one thing that I couldn’t do myself...she made me a “mom.”

As I look back, I know exactly why God allowed all those IVF attempts to fail. They failed because God had a bigger and better plan for me. His plan for me was to be the mother of this precious "little angel." You can ask my "little angel" where she grew up, and she will say..."I grew up in my mommy’s heart!"

I had always wondered what I was supposed to do with this knowledge, until one day, four years later, the Lord brought me and Andrea together again.

God Answered my Heart’s Desire - By Andrea
In 1992, I started working in the adoption field in the Dallas area. It became apparent to me that I loved what I did, and that God had definite plans for me. For me, it was not work; it was a source of fulfillment. I loved helping people, and adoptions really made me feel like I made a difference in my world and the world around me.

Ever since I entered the adoption world, I dreamed of opening my own adoption agency where I could provide more attention, more support, more contact, and more compassion to the Birth Parents and the Adoptive Families. Helping them fulfill their own personal dreams became my true desire, but I felt as though I couldn’t fulfill this vision alone. Then one day, the Lord placed Robin in my path. I mentioned to her that I wanted to open my own adoption agency and that I didn’t want to do it alone. She instantly said, “I’ll do it with you.” I was amazed how God worked that miracle.

Now both of us are fulfilling our dream of helping Children, Birth Parents, and Adoptive Families while carrying out God’s will for our lives.

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Dec 12, 2012
The best thing that ever happened to me!!
by: Stephanie

I must let every doubtful mother out there that may think she isn't doing to the "right thing". You must realize first of all that there is no other greater act of love and no more unselfish act other than Adoption".

You are sharing your gift of a child with another human being that may be unable to have them on their own. You are giving your child the best life He or She could possibly ever have: safety, security, love, dependability, and stability that you may have never ever known in your own life.

Whenever someone says that we have "given up our child," I kindly correct them and say No they were placed in a warm and wonderful home with loving parents. And that in my eyes Ladies is NOT giving up. It's Just the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling life! And Andrea and Robin of Lifetree helped us out every step of the way. and I know that they will take out any doubt in your minds and help you the way that they have helped us. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!

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