New Beginnings Ministries - Alabama

The owner of New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center was a crack addict for 15 years. He understands what addicts and alcoholics are going through and is here to help them recover every step of the way. He developed a passion to help other addicts and alcoholics going through drug recovery

Our Mission at New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center is to provide a structured environment for alcoholics and addicts to overcome the powerful and devastating disease of addiction. We seek to provide a faith-based, inhouse recovery program at little cost that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual growth and allows for complete restoration and wholeness of the addict so that he or she will become a productive citizen to the community as well as to the family.

We offer a 90 day to one year faith-based, in-house program. We specialize in a Christian 12-step program. We have never seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.

Some of the results we've seen are: the compulsion, the irresistible urge to use drugs or alcohol is lifted; people experience a new joy in freedom; we see that people discover that God wants to use their experience to help others; we see people develop a whole new perspective on life.

The core principles of recovery that we stress are daily prayer and bible study, active participation in a local church, attendance at a Christian 12-step program three times a week, working the 12 steps with a sponsor, and weekly conversations with an accountability partner.

Please visit our web site or call us at (251) 809-1155 for more information.

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