New Life Spirit Recovery Treatment Center - California

At New Life Spirit Recovery we are changing lives through Jesus Christ. We don't offer a faith-based "track" alternative. We are a Christian drug and alcohol treatment center. Everything we do is centered on Jesus Christ and the freedom He provides.

Where can people turn when they are caught in the downward spiral of addiction? They can turn to Christ - and we can help. Here at New Life it's not about a program, it's about the person of Jesus.

We don't just modify a traditional approach to recovery. We are decidedly Christian in our approach. We stand firmly on biblical truth, and counsel and teach from this foundation.

We intentionally combine a clinical atmosphere with a Christ-centered approach. This ensures that we provide the best care without compromising God's truth.

Our inpatient housing facility is right on the sand - a place of peace, rest, and relaxation. It's the perfect place for quiet meditation, reflection, and personal assessment.

We believe that the most important part of treatment is one-on-one counseling. So each participant is involved in three weekly sessions of therapy with a highly-qualified counselor. We also provide one-on-one mentoring and discipleship.

Clients also receive education in relapse prevention, family issues, life skills, lifelong recovery planning, and dealing with temptation.

Clients get involved with 12-step programs including the Christian-based, Celebrate Recovery. In these and other groups people are able to process their own struggles in a safe context with others enduring the same things.

Please visit our web site or call us at (866) 543-3361 for more information.

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