Penfield Christian Homes - Georgia

Our Dormitory

Our Dormitory

Penfield Christian Homes is a Christian drug and alcohol treatment facility with three locations in Georgia, USA. We offer services exclusively for men.

In existence for over 30 years, Penfield helps over 900 men each year find freedom from their addictions.

Addicts are taught, through the Christian 12-step program, to apply the power of Jesus Christ to their lives and struggles. We believe that total recovery is best sourced in a personal relationship with Christ.

We offer both individual and group counseling. We encourage and facilitate daily bible study and prayer. We of course provide spiritual assistance as well as recovery education. But we don't stop there. We also help recovering addicts make the transition back into every-day life.

Though our primary emphasis is on the individual recovering addict, we also provide family counseling. That's because we know that there are negative consequences of addiction for others - not just the addict.

We provide Celebrate Recovery meetings as well as church services.

Our program consists of a six-week recovery process. In week one we deal with each person's relationship with Jesus Christ. During week two, we work through the nature of addiction. In week three we discuss withdrawal. Week four brings us to relapse prevention. During week five we focus on complete recovery. Then in the final week we return to our relationship with God and it's impact on our recovery.

Please visit our web site or call us at (706) 453-7929.

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