Redeemer's Recovery Ranch - North Carolina

A Christian drug treatment center for women over 18, Redeemer's Recovery Ranch is a faith based, drug and alcoholism treatment center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our board certified counselors and our licensed family therapist are highly skilled in addictions treatment and drug rehab. All are dedicated to providing a professional, Christian, comprehensive treatment plan suited to your unique situation.

There is a solution that gives hope, strength and courage to move beyond an addiction towards the victorious life God intended for each of us. We invite you to begin your journey with us to discover the plan God created for your life. Break through the burdens, overcome the obstacles, heal from the emotional breaks, and let us teach you the Truth that leads to lasting freedom and abundant life.

We believe a serene and peaceful environment is an important element in bringing peace and order when life is full of chaos. Located in beautiful Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Redeemer's Recovery Ranch provides an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

Our structured Christian Drug Rehab Program includes The Christian 12 Steps, group and individual counseling, scripture study and prayer, education in chemical dependency, and group activities.

Addicted individuals often feel "lost in the crowd". When thrown in with the masses, these feelings can be intensified. The warm, intimate setting of our Rehab Center helps alleviate anxiety and fear, encourages trust and communication, and accelerates Christian Recovery.

Please visit our web site or call us at (704) 545-1544 for more information.

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sober NEW
by: Becky Bernal

I believe in Christian recovery. This is why I chose RRR. I truly know had I not chosen RRR I would not have a faith filled life! Today I am 5 1\2 years sober. To anyone second guessing.. Don't go any way but Gods way. The ranch was a nice 30 day visit. I fell in love with God like real love should be. The Life Recovery bible I read daily...sometimes times are really trying and this book teaches you so very many ways to cope. People won't trust you for a while you hv to build trust back up. To this day I'm still not trusted, mostly by the ones that love me the most. Not going to lie and say its easy, every day is a trial..not just drugs but within myself and people just knowing! Through our repentance God always offers us his forgiveness, compassion, and unfailing love. By admitting that we are trapped by our sins and dependency, and turning to God for help, WE CAN HAVE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!!! (Life Recovery Bible, p. 1141). God Bless you all...sincerely...DON'T GIVE UP... GRAB YOUR BIBLE...SLEEP WITH IT...READ IT...PRAY PRAY PRAY...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF... TURN IT OVER TO GOD HE WILL HANDLE IT!!! I could write a book... Since I was there in 08... I will say going to RRR is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! God bless and thank you RRR... Someone judged me but I forgave... It all worked out and for this, I am very thankful to God and RRR for my life!

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