Solid Rock Christian Ministries - Florida

Solid rock is a faith based long term residential program for men and women seeking recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Phase One is an intensive 28 day inpatient program where clients are taught the spiritual and emotional tools necessary to overcome addiction. Daily reflection meetings, bible study and step work are part of the tools available in this part of the program.

Upon graduation from the 28 day phase, clients are then transitioned into structured residential housing where they are expected to seek gainful employment to cover the continuing cost of their treatment. Rather than hiding a person from society, phase two teaches the person how to maintain their recovery while being a productive member of their community. Here, clients receive the support they need to learn to deal with real issues in the world.

Solid Rock is an apostolic ministry duplicating it's leaders and the leaders under it's covering, by planting new churches, as well as new recovery centers and Christian schools within existing churches.

We are a front-line ministry called to reach what many consider to be society's throw away's.

We at Solid Rock Christian Ministries are dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and helping the addicted and afflicted in recovery to break the bondage of addiction.

Please visit our web site or call us at (727) 521-6306 for more information.

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