The Well Ministry of Rescue - California

Some of Our Participants

Some of Our Participants

Established in 1993, The Well ministers to men who have substance abuse problems. The Well Ministry of Rescue's Discipleship Training Program requires a 12-month commitment to our Christian based residential facility. We are designed primarily for men with substance abuse problems who have made a decision to change their lives. We live in a structured family setting and everyone is assigned daily chores that promote continual maintenance of the facility.

Residents are required to participate in five 12-step meetings a week, various Bible studies and all other ministry functions. Our program focuses on anger/stress management, family reconciliation, relapse prevention and other aspects of recovery, as well as spiritual principles of enrichment.

The Well is unique in that it is a Christian-based recovery program that also adds a re-entry process. They offer vocational training in areas such as auto repair, landscaping, construction, painting, print shop, and administration. Because of this, men who graduate from the program are already able to hold jobs, contribute to society and support their families.

The Well is a 12-month residential program for up to 60 men. Disciples attend five Christian 12-step meetings a week and up to 15 bible studies a week. The Well also offers help to the families of participants.

Please visit our web site or call us at (530) 343-1935 for more information.

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