Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center - Florida

You Can Be Transformed

You Can Be Transformed

Transformations is located in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida - a small community on the Atlantic coast.

We offer both traditional and Christian rehab programs. Everyone stays in their own private rooms during treatment.

We firmly believe, and studies have proven, that people who pursue a faith-based recovery are more likely to stay sober. Additionally, people who are consistent in church attendance have a better chance at avoiding relapse. Because of this, we are committed to offering a specifically Christian program. We combine psychological counseling and Christ-centered therapy to provide the best outcome possible.

Clients participate in both one-on-one counseling sessions and group discussions. Both are facilitated by devoted Christians.

All clients participate in a basic core of sessions. These include life skills, relapse prevention, and addiction education. Those in the Christian program also participate in discussions about their own Christian life stories, and about spiritual disciplines. Each of these serves to provide tools to better overcome the temptations that a client will face after re-entering the "real" world.

In addition to these, clients participate in a traditional 12-step program as well as Celebrate Recovery groups in a local church. We also provide a deep learning experience on how God's grace relates to addiction.

Please visit our web site or call us at (877) 337-3055 for more information.

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