Christian Business Opportunity

This Christian business opportunity involves writing for a Christian audience. There are several ways you can do it. I discuss four below.

What Kinds of Opportunities Are Available?

There are basically four types of writing Christian business opportunities.

  1. Short answers. There are businesses out there that are looking for people to answer other people's questions. You can become an expert in the area of Christian questions and answers.
  2. News articles. Some companies are looking for articles on Christian subjects for their religion section. They are particularly interested in articles related to local issues.
  3. Small books. Do you have a 20 to 50 page book in you? You don't need to write 100 pages. Write a short book on a subject that people are interested in. Sell it as an ebook online.
  4. Writing for web sites. You can start a blog or create your own web site. This gives you the best chance at drawing a large audience.

Ok, so just where can you find these Christian business opportunities?

Where Can I Find These Opportunities?

Let me recommend five different companies that enable you to write Christian content.

  • Create your own web site and earn money by writing about your favorite subject. I believe this is the best way to earn money on the internet. Write on a subject you are passionate about. Attract thousands of visitors to your site. Then get paid. How? Read this. Want to talk to a live person instead of just reading about building a profitable web site? Visit this page for more information.
  • Become a guide for ChaCha. ChaCha is a web site that answers people's questions. People submit their questions over the internet or from their cell phone. They then get their answers either on the net or on their phone. The questions are routed to people who have knowledge in the area of the question. You can sign up as an expert in Christianity. Get paid for each of your answers.
  • Become an Examiner. The Examiner is a (USA) nation-wide web site that provides news articles about local news. To do that, they need individual reporters – or what they call, Examiners. Select the news category you want to write about or suggest one. Then write news stories. When people read the stories, you get paid!
  • Write a short book and promote it at ClickBank. Write an ebook about a subject you are passionate about. Tell people how to do something. Help people solve a problem. Explain how something works. Help people help themselves. Then list it on ClickBank. You will sell your ebooks directly to individuals. But what's better is that people with web sites will find your ebook and promote it on their web sites for a small commission. It doesn't get any better than having other people promote your product! ClickBank
  • Write a blog. Use Wordpress to create a blog about your favorite subject. Write about things that people are searching for at the search engines. Then put up Google ads and earn money when your visitors click the links.

Christian Business Opportunity Conclusion

I'm sure I missed a writing Christian business opportunity or two. But these are the ones I know that work. They will take work and time. But you can significantly improve your financial bottom line with these Christian business opportunities. And if you choose the fifth Christian business opportunity, creating your own web site, you may just be able to quit your day job!

Want to talk to a live person instead of just reading about building a profitable web site? Visit this page for more information.

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