Christian Work at Home Business

Half of my monthly income comes from this Christian work at home business – and will earn much more in the near future.

You can too.

What Does It Take?

Before I talk about my favorite Christian work at home job, I have to remind you of what I said on the two previous pages.

This is the golden rule of work at home jobs:

Find a Reputable Christian Work at Home Business
Work Hard at It
Stay with It Over the Long Term

Nothing comes easy. If someone promises easy profits that you can earn in a short period of time – RUN!

Life just doesn't work that way. You already know that. But we all want to think that there is something out there that we haven't found yet that would answer our prayers; a Christian work at home business that will bring added income without adding much work to our over-worked schedules.

If that is what you want – take your chances on the lottery. But of course, you chances of winning the lottery are about as good as being struck by lightning – twice – indoors.

You need to find a reputable Christian work at home business.

You need to work hard at your Christian work at home business.

You need to stay at it for a long time.

If you do that, you will be successful.

Why Most People Fail on the Web

If you are looking for a Christian work at home business one thing is obvious: you want to earn money.

If you were starting a business offline the key would be location: where you put your business. You would want to put it in a high-traffic location – a mall or a busy street corner. That way, when people pass by, they see your business and then when they need what you sell, they will visit your location.

But that doesn't work on the internet.

No one just happens to pass by web sites. They have to actually click a link to get to a site.

If people don't know a site exists, they won't visit it. That's just the reality of this Christian work at home business.

That seems obvious but so many people don't get that. They put up a web site and then just hope people will visit. They might submit their site to search engines, but without knowledge of how the search engines work, they don't get high rankings. So no one finds the site – no one visits.

If no one visits you can't make money.

How Do You Get Visitors to Your Site?

If you don't get visitors to your web site, you won't make any money.

So how do you get visitors to your web site?

That's simple: provide a lot of information that people are searching for.

If you provide a wealth of helpful information for people, the search engines will rank you on the first couple pages of search engine results.

That way, when someone enters a search term at Google, for instance, your site will appear on the first page or two of results. People will find you and will visit your site.

When people visit your site – you make money. Your Christian work at home business will be successful.

How Do You Make Money on the Internet?

There are many ways you can make money online – when you get a lot of visitors to your site.


  • Put up adds from companies like Google. When someone clicks on one of their links you make money.
  • Become an affiliate of various companies. That means that you enter into an arrangement with an online company. You put a link on your site that leads people to the company's site. When they make a purchase, you get paid a commission. For instance, if you are an affiliate of, you get a 10% commission on what people buy after they click through from your site.
  • Sell ebooks. You have a lot of knowledge about your subject. Write a little book about it. Then sell it on your site. You make money without maintaining any inventory or having to mail anything out. People simply pay and then download the ebook.
  • Use your Christian work at home business to promote your eBay auctions. Maybe you already sell products on Ebay or another auction site. Use your site to attract visitors. Then send them to your auction products.
  • Sell hard goods. Do you make crafts or any other item? Do you know of a place where you can get cheap products that you can sell for a profit? Advertise them on your site and ship them out.
  • Promote your offline business. Many people already have a business offline. Whatever your business, people are looking for helpful information. Give them the information and then invite them to your offline business.
  • Promote your Multi-Level Marketing business. MLM companies don't usually allow you to promote their company by name or any of their products on your own web site. They typically provide you with a generic web site that looks just like every other salesperson's site. They just put your name at the top of the page. However, you can provide people with helpful information about the benefits of vitamins, for instance. Then direct them to your company-created web site. Your company web site won't attract much traffic. But your own site will attract a lot of visitors. Your information will then prepare them to click through to your company web site and make a purchase. They might even become part of your downline.
  • Work at home moms. Building a web business is perfect for work at home moms.
  • Promote offline businesses. Make arrangements with business owners. Send them leads and get a commission in return. For instance, make a site about your favorite vacation destination. Then send visitors to offline travel agents or private hotels. Get a referral fee for each sale.
  • Promote offline sales and rentals. Do you know a realtor who could use more clients? Create a web site that discusses how to select a home, how to get the best mortgage rates, and how to choose an inspector. Then refer your visitors to the realtor and your favorite house inspector. They share the profits with you.
  • Promote your offline service. Do you have a service that you sell offline? Get more customers by building your online presence.

You've Already Tried a Web Site?

You tried and it didn't work. Why try again?

Because this time you will have a proven system that guarantees success.

Have questions? Get answers from a live person!

Proven and Guaranteed Success

Yes, I said, guaranteed success.

You can't just put up any web site with any web host and expect to get great results. If that were the case everyone would be successful on the web. But few really are. Most sites sit there day after day getting few if any visitors.

Then people wonder why they aren't making any money.

But if you don't have visitors, you won't have income. It's that simple.

So you need to use a proven system that gets results – that pulls traffic in from all over the world.

The system I use is called, Solo Build It.

It Is Working for Me

Solo Build It has helped my first web site reach the top 3% of all web sites. There are approximately 66 million active web sites in the world. My site ranks about 500,000 in the world. That means that it is more popular than 65.5 million other web sites!

That's proven success. See this page for more examples of Solo Build It success.

How Does This Christian Work at Home Business Work?

The process for this Christian work at home business is simple.

  1. Write plenty of helpful information – information that people are searching the web for.
  2. That helpful information draws the attention of the search engines. They rank your site high on their search engine results pages. That results in a lot of traffic.
  3. When people arrive at your site, they are greeted by a lot of information – exactly what they are looking for. You then gently recommend various resources.
  4. When people click through to your recommendations, they make a purchase. You get paid.

The process is known as, Content – Traffic – Presell – Monetize or CTPM.

Don't just take my word for it. See how others have succeeded as well.


Still have questions? Get answers from a live person!

Not sure if building a web site is the way to go for you and your family? I have a couple of other ideas too.

Make Christian jewelry.
Write for a Christian audience.

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