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There are Christian work at home jobs available.

Want to know about our favorite?

Work at Home Online

Do you enjoy surfing the web?

Do you have a passion? A hobby? A subject you love to talk about?

I know Christians who followed their passions and created profitable web sites about many things:

  • Worship guitar
  • Church accounting
  • Church administration forms
  • Sunday School
  • Pastor Appreciation
  • Pastor Search
  • Pastor Burnout
  • Career Change for Christians
  • Christian Resources
  • Christian Jewelry
  • Children's coloring pages

All of these people are doing what they love and earning a profit too! I have three web sites, myself. So far, I earn about $1,000 a month from just one of them. And I will hopefully soon replace the income from my "day job."

What's Your Passion?

What do you love to talk about?

What subject do you read about most often?

What life experience do you have?

  • Are you a parent of a special needs child?
  • Did you adopt a child?
  • Are you involved in worship at your church?
  • Do you love Christian books?
  • Do you love Christian movies?
  • Do you know how to help Christians get out of debt?
  • Have you been divorced and want to help other Christians through it?
  • Are you passionate about Christian news?
  • Do you love all the old hymns?
  • Can you write children's curriculum and/or children's sermons and skits? Can you create children's coloring pages?
  • Can you help churches be more efficient at administration?
  • Are you a pastor with illustrations or sermons that other pastors can use?
  • What is your Christian passion? What special Christian skill or knowledge do you have?

Does It Have to Be a Christian Web Site?

Maybe instead of creating a strictly Christian web site, you might want to be a Christian who creates a web site and earns a profit in the process.

  • Do you love to take pictures?
  • Do you love dogs, cats, horses, or snakes?
  • What is your favorite vacation destination?
  • Are you skilled at and knowledgeable about a sport?
  • Do you have an offline business that could do with more business or sales online?
  • Do you know how to troubleshoot computers? Do you know a software package and are you able to help others learn it?
  • Do you understand the needs of single people?
  • Do you like to hunt or fish?
  • Do you build models, run model trains, or fly model airplanes?
  • Would you be able to help people choose a college?
  • Do you have ideas about home interior design?
  • Can you help people with projects around the house?
  • Are you a "crafty" kind of person?

There really is no limit to the subjects which need helpful web sites.

If you can talk about a favorite subject; if you can give people helpful information on your favorite subject – you can probably create a profitable web site. I did.

Advantages of this Christian Work at Home Job

Why is this one of my favorite Christian work at home jobs?

  • I talk about what I love.
  • I help my family financially.
  • I work at home on my own schedule.
  • I take breaks when I want. Go on vacation when I want. Work when I want.
  • I can work all night if I want – or I can put work aside for a week if I need to.
  • I provide genuine help to thousands of people – over 2,000 every day.
  • People quote me all over the internet.
  • Newspapers contact me for my expert opinion.
  • Pastors email me and tell me how much they appreciate my ministry.
  • I partner with great people who are genuinely interested in my success.

Yes – I make money. I think I make a lot of money and am looking forward to making enough to completely support my family.

But it's the other things that I really find rewarding. I truly am helping people.

My knowledge and skills are being used by God in this Christian work at home job.

Will It Work for You?

There are no guarantees. You already know this.

But when I started my first web site, I was desperate. I needed money. My wife reluctantly allowed me to start the site. She "knew" nothing would ever come of it. Now she thoroughly enjoys receiving the monthly checks!

Yes, it can work for you.

What Do You Need to Put Into It?

As I said on my main Christian home businesses page, you will need to supply a few things if you are to be successful. Here is the golden rule of Christian work at home jobs:

Find a Reputable Christian Home Business
Work Hard at It
Stay with It Over the Long Term

That's pretty much it.

If you do these three things I believe you will be successful.

You will earn a profit.

Where Do You Start?

That's a great question!

The answer is simple:

If you want to start Christian work at home jobs on the internet, you start with an understanding of how to build a profitable web site.

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