Church Helpmate

"Church Helpmate is the church management software database system that's simply powerful AND powerfully simple! Save time and money, build unity, make better disciples, increase ministry participation, and simplify your life. This church membership software system is easy-to-use, yet packed with the power and flexibility you need."

I played with their demo and found the following:

  • There is a "reminder" feature where you can receive alerts to appointments.

  • Like many of the other church office software programs, Church Helpmate offers contribution and pledge information.

  • Unlike some of the programs reviewed here, this program offers a calendar function. And the calendar has a rather unique feature. You can set up a birthday view, an anniversary view, and a contacts view.

  • The database of names and addresses has a limited number of field options. But you can add photos. You can also sort by members, regular attendees, children, zip code, city, etc. You can also print any of the lists. And you can create directories to email or print. This seems to be the strength of this church office software. You can sort the directory of names by nearly any imaginable query.

  • There is a contact manager. You can send emails to individuals or to groups. You can even create emails in advance. For instance, you can create a generic email to go out to every visitor. Input the email addresses and send. You can also print labels for mailings.

  • The software enables a church to track financial contributions and pledges.

  • As with most church office software packages, Church Helpmate allows a church to track attendance.

Overall, Church Helpmate is a functional software program that allows a church to sift and sort through a lot of data. It offers a nice church directory option and helps keep track of attendance and some basic financial information.

Visit their web site for more information.

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