Faithful Steward

"Let us briefly explain several of the key points that make Faithful Steward unique.

It's easy to use. Our users agree that Faithful Steward is so easy to use they rarely need to refer to our comprehensive documentation. If you have a question, our friendly technical support staff is only a phone call or email away.

It helps you get your work done. Faithful Steward manages your membership data including people, families, attendance and various groupings of families that you designate. It also handles your donations and pledges printing deposit slips and year end summary receipts.

It's affordable for any size church or non-profit organization. Starting at $15 a month for the web version which includes tech support, or $199 for the desktop version which includes one year or support, Faithful Steward is the solution that you've been looking for, at a price you can afford."

I worked with Faithful Steward's online demo and found the following:

  • The directory feature allows you to upload a picture.

  • You can record attendance for a service or any group you set up.

  • The software allows some basic fund accounting options. You can also track donations and pledges.

  • The functions and options are very limited.

Faithful Steward is satisfactory for simple needs. But you will want to look at other software options for more features. Visit their web site for more information.

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