Fresh Vine

Fresh Vine offers a basic software package that includes a directory, groups management, podcasts, and an easy-to-use check-in system. The "Roster" is what they call their people management database.

"Church leaders, administrators and volunteers have access to member information that will help you create groups and activities that meet the needs of your members. Fresh Vine provides an online, comprehensive view of member, prospect and visitor information, including demographics, family relationships, interests, participation in groups and events, and giving history. Users have access to powerful, easy to use tools that help them analyze membership trends and find members and prospects to contact based on demographics, location and/or interests. Secure access is available to authorized users with a web browser or smart phone."

The giving module allows you to post donations securely, accurately, and efficiently then use dashboards and online reports to view and analyze giving trends.

"Fresh Vine, our online church management system, is very intuitive and easy to use and accessible everywhere. It is a wonderful tool for church ministry management and small group development. Fresh Vine uses the power of the internet to unleash the energy of your volunteers to organize and grow their groups. It can also reduce administrative costs and eliminate the need for multiple software products, and provides your church leadership with online tools to monitor the pulse of your organization.

Fresh Vine supports all of your church and small group activities, including membership, contributions, services, attendance, calendars, events, emails and children's check-in. We are growing rapidly because of our focus on an intuitive approach.

You can find out more about Fresh Vine by visiting us at If you have questions or would like one of our representatives to talk with you, please use our 'Contact Us' form on our web site."

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